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Hi :) Tonight we cleared " Bastion of Twilight " with an all guild run. We got the Cata achievements linked in our raid and guild chat frames. On the official World of Warcraft website it shows our achievement as having occurred.

However, on Wow-Heroes it only indicates 3/4 bosses down. Even though every raid member got the spam for the achievement as did our guildies not in the raid.

We are a small guild, but capable. Currently ranked #49 on Wow-Heroes on our server. If you can update our achievement, I believe we can move up in progression.

Our guild : The Valar

Our Server : Nesingwary

Me : Karolina " A raider on Team 1 " If you would, please manually update our hard earned progression achievement on your website.

We love your website and the time and effort you and your employees put into it.

Thank you very much for your time.


The Valar Guild :)
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Your guild is currently ranked as 47 guild at wow-heroes. If you see that wow-heroes progress isnt updated for your guild on the Progress page ,you can just click on the little circle icon at the end of the line for your guild. That will automatically update your guild progress.
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