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i need to know what the best possible dps spec is...and i want glyphs and weapons and wat type of gear i should have...please help...i currently have a DW frost spec that works pretty well...tell me wat i need to do!

im open to all suggestions...i want to do the best!!! :king2:

please use the gearscore from wow heroesto gauge wat type of gear i should need to get a certain amount of dps! Armory link: ... cn=Xynovia
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Blood is single target, high dps on boss fights where you are able to just stand there.

Unholy is aoe, quick light swings.

I see unholy top the charts as far as dps, I don't know how, but they do. I personally am a single target guy and I pull around 7k dps 25 man buffed.


DKs need Strength, we feed off of it. So you should always stack it. Quick look at your meta, and you should change it. I believe the meta is called Chaotic Skyflare Diamond, gives some kind of crit % and 3% increased crit damage.
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I have tried all dps specs so far, and i have to say Frost is by far the best. I have looked up some of the best frost dk's out there, and i have tried many diffirent builds, and the one i currently have is the best. Try my build out. ... &cn=Dkmike

Good Luck :D
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with the gear you have on right now, blood and unholy will be the best dps output for you with a 2handed.
once your gear is majority 251+, this meaning no more thassarian and 232 weapons, then go into frost dps.
with my gear. i hit 10K solo target dps and in mob pulls in icc10/25, i pull anywhere from 15-20K dps..
you can check out my build and stuff if you need reference
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If you want the absolute best DPS possible, go Dual Wield Frost in Unholy Presence. That is hands down going to give the highest dps you can get. This is only valid in PvE. i.e. raids and instances etc...

Gemming...Stack the hell out of strength.
Enchanting...Strength, strength, strength. Also get haste and throw crit on your back piece and bracers.
Get arcanums! Get the one from Deepholm and Wyrmrest.
There isn't any enchants for you legs, so get DragonScale armor from a Leather Worker.

Talent tree is vital to the Dual Wield. Look it up on or look mine up. There is a little play allowed for the final few points. It depends on your preference.

Then obviously reforge your gear. Get out of crit and reforge into Expertise and Haste. Cap hit at 8% or so. Expertise should be capped, but if not don't worry about it. Mine isn't and I pull 23k dps easy in all instances. Mastery is not a bad idea to keep around 14 and up. It helps a bit, but do not stack on it or you will loose out on some dps.

There is also rotation...that you need to play with to find what you like best. Obviously there are a ton of ideas as to the most effective. Honestly just play around until you find what works best for you. :) I can answer any questions you have further. Just message me back.

You can look me up on WoW Heroes. US Fizzcrank Drunknlulaby.
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