Spike Flail (A) on Kul Tiras Recruiting

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Spike Flail (A) on Kul Tiras Recruiting

Post#1 » Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:30 am

<Spike Flail> is looking for additional experienced and skilled players to progress through current and future content!

We are looking for people that consider themselves to be extremely good players while having a friendly attitude. All classes are open, a list with priority classes is found below.

Guild: Spike Flail, a 3 day 10/25man raiding guild

Server: Kul Tiras (EU-PvE)

Faction: Alliance

Language: English

Recruitment status:

deathknight 1 tank (high), 1 dps (high)
druid 1 feral (medium). 1 resto/balance (medium)
hunter low
mage low
paladin 1 holy (low)
paladin 1 retribution (medium)
priest 1 holy/ disk ( high )
rogue medium
shaman 1 elemental (high), 1 ench. (medium), 1 resto (medium)
warlock low
warrior 1 dps, 1 tank (high)

Guild information

Spike Flail is an end game raiding guild on the Kul Tiras server. One of the most attractive things about us is our raid times. We raid only three nights a week, and starting later that most guilds /at 20:30 server time so when we raid, we raid efficiently clearing 9/12 bosses.

The guild is comprised of a strong core community of long term raiders, and a lot of PvE experience. We are looking to recruit some raiders just now to strengthen some areas of our raiding team but also to find out some new people who will fit with our professional and focussed raiding mentality before new content arrives!

Most of all we value having fun killing bosses and progressing through the most challenging encounters the game has to offer in the future.


You are 18+

You are dedicated, skilled and most importantly responsive and aware.

You know your class in detail and you have knowledge of game mechanics.

You are a quick learner.

Your gear is gemmed and enchanted for PVE purposes.

You enter raids with a bunch of flasks and potions in your bags.

You can attend all of our 3 raiddays.

For more information about us feel free to check our guild website:


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Re: Spike Flail (A) on Kul Tiras Recruiting

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