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The "prevailing wisdom" seems to be that mastery is the be-all and end-all of stats to stack for any and all hunters.

I'm here to tell you that haste is better. Haste increases your natural focus regeneration, as well as allows for more steady shots in less time. I can't speak for survival or BM hunters, but for MM, you have to spam 2 steady shots in a row to proc a 15% ranged haste buff that lasts 8 seconds. At a 2 second cast, 2x steady would take 4 of those 8 seconds to keep it up.

Simple fact is, mathematically, more haste = more chances to proc the mastery (wild quiver), increases focus regen in two ways, and all in all, is a huge DPS increase. Not granting any points for a haste enchant is bad, mkay?
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