Guild Member Raid Achievement compilation?

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Guild Member Raid Achievement compilation?

Post#1 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:54 pm

Is there a way to find an accurate total count of all guild members that have a specific raid achievement?

Example: How many guild members have the raid achievement for Obsidian Sanctum: Twilight Duo.

This would be an excellent time saver for raid leads to find players that need a specific achieve, or find players in guild that have it already accomplished without having to open each members profile. It can also help GM's and officers track their progress a bit more accurate doing manual updates. I have found on different occasions achieves not updated when a guild member gets an achievement in a PUG. (goes to the over time counter)

If there is a place that this information exists, feel free to contact me off site also.

Thank you in advance for helpful answers

Resto Druid

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Re: Guild Member Raid Achievement compilation?

Post#2 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:39 pm

We might do something like that for Cataclysm (maybe earlier, no promises).
Also, we will cancel manual guild updates when Cataclysm hits, and we'll only take official info about guild achievements from Armory as that is the only way to verify that some guild has actually managed to do something as guild, and not in pug.

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