The quirks of refreshing a guild

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The quirks of refreshing a guild

Post#1 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:36 pm

We as users are able to force:
- updates on single Characters
- updates on whole Guilds
The latter has some quirks regarding Charactes, that changed Guilds (Factions, Servers or Renamed, Deleted etc..)

The quirk comes with the system fetching fresh data from the armory to update the guilds characters and thereby omitting the charaters it already has in it's own cache.
I as user, after letting the system fetch the fresh data, have to reload the cached results for the guild and in order to update the guild completly i must manually force refreshes for every character, that has a deep red cache-symbol attatched.

I can think of some ways to automatically handle this:
- after fetching a fresh guild-listing from the Armory, wipe the missing chars from the cache. Good: Guild is clear; Bad: Character is gone (alternatvily: just scrap the Guild-Info from those character, but keep them)
- after iterating through the freshly fetched Characters, iterate again, through the omitted but chached Character. Good: Guild clear, Characters upted with new Guild or wiped and the display system will propably list those characters, so the user gets a snapshot of what happend with the Guild; Bad: may take a few seconds longer

Extrabonus: If the Guild doesnt exists ... the system thinks the armoy isn't available und doesn't wipe the guild from it's cache. Better perhaps: iterating through the the cached Characters. This may a) result in a real Armoy-is-Down-Message or b) refreshes the Characters with new Guilds, just like stated above.

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Re: The quirks of refreshing a guild

Post#2 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:07 pm

Nice suggestions, thanks. There's a problem with Armory sometimes, for example when you go to guild page, it says that some toon is not in that guild. When you check page for that character, it says that he is in that guild so it's impossible to know if that character is in guild or he isn't. That's why most problems occur. We'll do our best to fix most of them by the time Cataclysm comes out.

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