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How much I had read here on other posts I figure it:
Full Tier set give bonus in Gear score-heroes, is it full set 4 pieces or all 5 (example T10)
I have 4 pieces T10 and hands 277lvl, Is it better to have all 5 T10 (264lvl)

If admin can explain me and my mate gear score?
if I sum all score (know it is not right way) I have 4540 he have 4509
in Heroes gear score I have 3322 he have 3335
How much on Heroes gear score is worth hands from T10.5 (resto droo) and how much is worth my hands 277lvl

Thanks in advance and sorry if not understanable :-(
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Sorry for late reply. Can you please tell us name of your druid friend and we will tell you where is difference between those 2 characters.
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