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Hey guys, I've noticed alot of people asking the same questions here on the warrior forum so I decided to put all the answers to the common questions in one place. I hope you find this helpful!

Expertise hard cap : ~25/215 Rating
Hit soft cap : 163.95 Rating/8% (This includes the precision talent)
Hit hard cap : 786.96 Rating/24% (This includes the precision talent)
Minimum critical percentage for 100% flurry uptime : 35%
Armor Penetration Hard Cap : 1399 Rating/100%
Point at which Armor Penetration is more valueable than strength : 775 Rating

Getting to the expertise hard cap is a must and before you are there it is your most important stat. After it, you must hit the hit soft cap. Do not strive for the hit hard cap as it's a waste of valueable item budget/gem slots. After hit and expertise are capped you will see huge DPS gains from adding crit if your crit percentage is below 35% because of flurry. Do not use a single armor penetration gem until your armor penetration rating from your gear alone is at least 775.

Always have 1 Nightmare Tear in a blue socket, it's better than any blue gem and helps meet your socket bonus and meta requirement of 2 blue gems. Make sure to have 2 blue gems socketed at all times(blue/purple/green all work). Stamina is useless. Make sure to remember that when you think about putting a Sovereign Dreadstone(+10str, +15sta) in a socket to get a +6str bonus. Instead, think that you're only getting 16 str for socketing that gem(10 + 6) instead of the 20 you could get by socketing a bold cardinal ruby.

Your rotation priorities should be...
Single Target - 1. Bloodthirst, 2. Whirlwind, 3. Slam(With bloodsurge buff), 4. Heroic Throw, 5. Execute
Multiple Targets - 1. Whirlwind, 2. Bloodthirst, 3. Slam(With bloodsurge buff), 4. Heroic Throw, 5. Execute
What these priorities mean is that if 1 is ready and 2 is ready, use 1. If 1 and 2 are on cooldown and 3 is ready, use 3. If 1,2,3 are on cooldown(or in slam's case, you don't have the bloodsurge buff) use 4. etc.

Alongside this rotation, if you have 60 or more rage and the enemy's hp is more than 20%, spam heroic strike for single target situations or cleave for multi-target. If the enemy's hp is less than 20%, wait for 80 rage to spam heroics strike/cleave. Heroic strike and cleave are different than the skills listed above. They do not use a "global cooldown" which causes all skills to not be available for 1.5 seconds. They fire when your main hand swings at the enemy. Spam them when the requirements above are met.

Once you are comfortable with your rotation, you may find that you have times when you are waiting on cooldowns before you can do anything. To get a small DPS increase(less than 5%) you can sneak in a rend if you're quick. See the macros section of this post for an automated way to stance dance and use rend. Keep in mind that if you mistime this skill it can hurt your DPS rather than help it.

Copy these ... ul&group=1
Or these ... nk&group=1

Stance dance + rend
Code: Select all
#showtooltip Rend
/cast [stance:1] Rend; Battle stance
/cast Berserker stance

stance dance and retaliation(for fights like marrowgar just before bonestorm)
Code: Select all
#showtooltip Retaliation
/cast [stance:1] Retaliation; Battle stance
/cast Berserker stance

You can take these macros and combine them as well. One of my favorites for the marrowgar fight is, just before he bonestorms, cast rend + retaliation + shattering throw all before jumping back into berserker stance and continuing my rotation. These sorts of macros can increase your dps substantially and automate some fairly complex tasks.

Other Terms
Armor Penetration Soft Cap : Refers to the situation where you have a trinket that sometimes gives you a certain amount of armor penetration(Needle Encrusted Scorpion, Grim Toll). Making your passive arp + the trinket's proc = 1399 will give you the best possible situation with these trinkets.
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Updated to include a macros section as well as a suggestion of how to use rend in your fury rotation.
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