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was wondering if there was a way we could notify you guys of the no longer active raid guilds.
i try to click them, and update them. so it says " no guild found with that name" or w/e or with the one alt that was left in there inactive. but yet, they still showup on the pregression rankings, and it makes for a very inaccurate ranking system . while i do understand a want to keep them on the list. in my opinion, they have no place on the list if they are no longer a guild. maybe a diff list. or a "history of server list" but not on a progression ranking list

the 2 biggest challenges in any and all raiding guilds is the ability to down bosses, and the ability to stay together as a guild. the longer a guild stays alive and active, the more they have accomplished. bc lets face it, if a guild falls apart, it failed as a guild,

if theres any way possible to add a " dead guild , inactive guild " button, similar to the report a bad post. so we could give you guys a heads up on the ones no longer raiding, so that you could double check to make sure, then swiftly remove it from the list if found to be dead.inactive, or bieng held with an alt. i reccomend this site to everyone that i think might find it useful, but due to how long you guys have been around, theres alot of junk in the attic , its time for spring cleaning before ppl move to the "newer" sites (that really suck for the most part, but keep info fresh
sorry for the wall of text.

long time user of wow heroes, and willing to do what i can to help in any way. ty for your time
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figured we (as members) could just start a list of the guilds on our server who have gone inactive.

and maybe the admins will have less trouble locating the dead guilds. so ill start it off with a list of the dead guilds on my server

please do not list a guild unless it has been verified to be dead all together, or less than 5 members who are inactive (i figure less than 5 for the "must have 5 in the raid kill" to count)

realm bladefist faction=horde i dont know the allie guilds well enough to say whos not around any more

forty man phailboat
altered existance
crystal dawn
the antients
obvious reason

theres a few more, but these are the ones im 100 % sure are dead guilds. all in the top 200 on server
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We will investigate those guilds ,thank you for reporting.
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Inactive guild that i think on my server


1/ Cartel
2/ Devils Own
3/ Silent Advisory
4/ Signum Temporis
5/ Varsity
6/ Army Of Darkness

Thats them all on our server that is on horde side any ways. :king2:
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Hi dont mean to be pushy :sorry: but how long will it take to investergate :scratch: . Its just alot can happen in a week in wow and we would like to see were we stand on server :beg: ;)
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