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Stat Weights/Set Bonuses vs. Item Levels

Post#1 » Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:04 pm

I know I'm probably asking too much, as it would take a massive amount of work to keep up with theorycrafting, but I'd like to see a more realistic "gear-score". Each Class and Spec has so many intricacies that item levels alone (and even gems and enchants) don't truly represent a player's set of gear and/or knowledge of their class.

My only toon is an 80 Ret Pally, so my observations are based on their dynamics. I'm sure, however, that other classes have similar issues. These are mine:

1. Stats > Item Level. I'd like to see a model that weights stats for classes and factors that into gear-score. It's frustrating seeing Ret Pallies w/500hit (237 of which is wasted and useless) and less AP than me ranked so much higher. There should be a penalty for going over caps on certain stats and penalties for going over a certain "useful" point with other stats. This, of course would have to factor in trinkets. Some trinkets have stats and some have procs, which leads me to my next item.

2. Model Trinkets(and Librams) differently please. Item level has little to do these days with how good a trinket is for a Class/Spec. Ex: Death's Verdict is MUCH better for a Ret Pally than Herkumi War Token. Aside from going w/EJ's BiS lists, I'm not sure how you'd rank/model them but it really needs to be done (3 words for you-"Darkmoon Card: Strength :D). Included in this is LIbrams, for which many lower level ones are better as well, especially for Prot and Holy. The difference between Libram of Valiance and Libram of 3 Truths is no where near as great as their Item Levels would lead you to believe.

3. Gemming. There are really only 2 good ways to gem for a Ret Pally, both include the 21 ag/3% crit dmg. Meta gem. If a Ret isn't gemming all Str. w/1 Tear or w/ 10str/10crit in slots w/ a 4+str bonus, they are losing alot of dps. Counting anything but the "correct" gemming is really a disservice to the community in general.

I understand these suggestions would be a massive undertaking, but they would help make this closer to a true score and would put this site on the cutting edge of the WoW community (again lol). Thank You for your time and consideration.

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