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Appearently, for the gear I have I do not do enough DPS... What am I doing wrong? Is my gear not matched well or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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What DPS do you pull? I didn't look at your talent tree, there may be something there, but the big thing I noticed was your gear, lack of enchants and gems.

I don't know if you're wearing a mixture of PVP gear for a specific reason, but if you aren't - replace it. Spend your Frosties on the 251 gear in Dal (just like your chest), or at least spent Triumph emblems on the 232 set, like your gloves. Replace your back, bracers, belt, legs, shoes, ring, and PVP trinket.

As far as upgrades for those go, from memory you can get a 264 back with Frosties (if you have them), when you fix your gear up a little there are plenty of similar lvl upgrades you can get in ICC.. but there is stuff that drops in ToC that would be useful, like bracers and a belt... er, I think.. and 232 shoes drop in HoR H.

Get rid of all of your weird gemming... resilience does nothing for you unless you're in PVP, no point in gemming haste currently, and stamina does nothing but increase your health. You should get the haste/hit you need from your gear when you fix that up.. just gem agility! 20 agility gives you your attack power and crit. Don't gem attack power.

Kind of hard to give you more advice, I don't know if you're wanting to raid, or run heroics, or PvP.. or what... good luck!
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Your talent build and your gear are both very very wrong.

I saw you had a piece that has resilience. This is useless in PvE. Also, you have a trinket which gives you additional health. That is a tanking trinket and you should replace it with the needle encrusted scorpion. Your other trinket, mark of supremacy, is not doing you a lot of good, either. Replace it with the Mirror trinket from the vendor in dalaran which procs for 1000 ap.

you need to rebuild your talent tree to make the best possible use of what MM has to offer; right now you are wasting a lot of points in useless talents and have WAY too many points in surv. Mind your glyphs as well.

Your shot priority should be as follows:
Hunter's mark and serpent sting on all targets followed by this priority/rotation:
kill shot, chimera shot, aimed shot (single target) or multi-shot (more than 1 target), steady shot until something else comes off cooldown.

You also need to macro your shots to cast rapid fire and kill command and use both trinkets.
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