Admin Response Please?

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Admin Response Please?

Post#1 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:55 pm

So I have left a couple of forum posts but no admins have responed yet?

I yet again found what I think is a unfair PVP vs PVE gear rating.

Go to Zone:US Server: Windrunner Characters: Executed and Slipknots

If you will compare the gear and stats on those two names, you will see that there is a huge difference.

Slipknots is wearing completely Arena (PVP) Gear excluding one badge gear piece. Score 725

Executed has very few pvp pieces and the rest are Badge/Kara Gear. Score 633

Executed also has more Bonus Healing and Mana Regen both in and out. More Haste. Which are big raiding needs for a Preist healer.

Executed has a lower score than Slipknots. I dont understand how that can be full PVP gear that is supposed to be getting a nerf due to the Reselince. It seems obvious that Executed is by far the better raid equivelant healer.

It also shows that Slipknots suggested instances are MH and BT. I dont see how Slipknots would ever heal either of them in his gear. If I had to have to select one of the two healers for a raid in MH or BT I would without a doubt pick Executed. Especially since MH and BT can be such MANA HEAVY needed healers.

Anyway, if a admin could just explain to me #1 the scoring process and #2 If you disagree with what I am seeing?

If anything I figure the scores should be switched, since this is a raiding (PVE) website. It as all ways is a descent site to go by for lower levels especially, but at the moment needs higher end upgrades. These two are perfect examples of why I cant always depend on this site to make a decision when it comes to instance ready raiders.

As always thanks for the hard work you are all doing to improve this is an amazing one.

AcesWild aka Executed

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Re: Admin Response Please?

Post#2 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:48 pm

Not an admin, however...

Regarding Slipknots:
1) He is 4/5 Brutal and 1/5 Vengeful.
2) Every piece of his gear that can be enchanted/socketed is enchanted/socketed.

Regarding Executed:
1) He is wearing Karazhan, badge, tailoring and some PvP gear.
2) Everything is not socketed and enchanted.

Now, for starters, tailoring epics have a low iLevel by default. Karazhan is also low in iLevel, as it is only equivalent to T4. Badge gear varies depending on which vendor you buy from. Brutal PvP gear is the PvP equivalent to Sunwell loot(Vengeful is equivalent to T6(Hyjal and BT)),therefore it will have a higher iLevel. So while Slipknots PvP gear will be docked for being PvP gear, it will still outweigh Executed's majority Karazhan gear because the iLevel difference is large enough. Not to mention the lack of enchants and sockets on Executed's gear, which hurts him.

As for who would be better in the instances, I would certainly take Slipknots over Executed. His survivability is, hands down, much better. You can argue the better stats all you want, a dead healer with good stats is worthless.

As an aside, most PvErs need to realize, there is a lot you can learn from PvP that will make you that much better in PvE. I often notice those players who PvP in their downtime outshine those who swear off PvP as something they don't think they should waste their time with.

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Re: Admin Response Please?

Post#3 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:04 pm

Executed has Kara/Primal Mooncloth set. Missing 4 enchants (which would give 40 points), has 2 uncommon gems, 3 rare and 4 epic. PM set gives huge healing bonuses but it terribly lacks some stats. For example, first boss in BT requires that you simply must have at least 8500 hp buffed, because breaking shield hits you for 8500. Executed has 6731 unbuffed.
Slipknots has around 11.761 hp unbuffed. He has most of the best Arena gear available, Medallion of the horde instead of some PvE trinket, 1 rare and all other epic gems.
So in your case, Executed would simply
- die after 1 min on Naj'entus OR
- he would have to replace +healing gear with some stamina, because even with buffs he would barely have 8.500 hp, and in that case +healing/MP5 would be more similar to Slipknots
At the end, who would be more useful on that fight: priest who died after 1 min or priest who has less +healing/MP5 but survived the whole fight? Don't get me wrong, PvP gear is NOT something you should bring to raids, there are far better PvE items.
But both of these chars are extremes: Slipknots has great survivability but low healing/MP5, Executed has great healing/MP5 but low survivability. In both cases, as shown on wow-heroes score, characters should expect to perform very well in ZA/SSC/TK but they should both expect BT/MH to be hard-ish. Not impossible, but definitely not easy. Someone in ZA/TK/SSC gear would have higher score then both of them.

I'm really sorry for late reply, I had tons of work :)

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Re: Admin Response Please?

Post#4 » Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:36 pm

While i see what you are both saying and I do agree with your points of view, I still disagee with some. I have been to hyjal on my priest and BT. Some failure in both was seen many times, but I remained a top healer through out MH and BT when I went. I have seen guys in FULL brutal gear within MH and BT who fail horribly. Yes the survivalbility is WAY better than someone in Executed's gear, but I can out heal someone in Brutal Gear before I kick the buckett. Normally way before I can die the Brutal gear priest is out of mana. Let me tell you, its like punching the gas on a 69 Camero, you can just watch the gas disappear. This is the same case for a brutal geared priest. You can watch his mana burn away in seconds. A priest with low regen is as worthless if not more so than a dead one. (ONLY AN OPINION) While a priest surviability is somewhat important not more so than his healing. With the correct group you shouldnt have to worry about dying. Now the healing factor plays about 85% skill, doesnt matter what the gear is if they dont have a clue how to heal correctly (I know this has nothing to do with gear scoring).

In the long run all i am saying is PVE is built more on your stats than surviabilty. I want someone in my group who can put out the big heals, like I said with the correct grouping you shouldnt worry about non-sense deaths. PVP gear is a nice way to go when you start raiding, but its made to PVP not raid. T6 Equivelent it is NOT. You need to re-check your stats. If this was the case you would never have a need or reason to step into MH or BT. I do my fair share of PVP as i have quite a few pieces in my bag, but I do not wear them unless I am PVP like there made for. You cant base PVP gear on the (ONE) reason that you survive longer. I can out heal anyone in PVP gear within a raid there just NO comparison, I dont care if they are in full Brutal.

Now i do see your point in Gems but that still doesnt answer why his score is So much higher as i still would think it would be lower from all the resielnce nerfs its supposed to be recieving. I dont I said, you have an AMAZING site here and I mention it to EVERYONE! However, i am sure to tell them before they visit that it isnt always the best way to determine someones Raid Ready Level. I personally see a few faults that makes it very hard to decide when going by the site, but a good place to start your search. Badge gear is T6 Equivelent not brutal Gear. Maybe it would help if i seen the scoring you decifer out of it all, but that is like your secret ingredient ha ha

Its like your replacing the one stat (Stamina) with all the other stats I.E. BH, MP5, Intellect and such. The BT fight you spoke of needing 8500 unbuffed and me not meeting that is not true either. i have done the fight and survived. Maybe I just had an exceptional group w/ exceptional buffs, but I still was a top healer in my petty badge and kara gear. haha

I shall leave you alone on this matter now though as i know you are a BUSY man with all the crys and complaints you get from people like me. lol I hope you don't think I am unapprieciated of your site because thats not it at all. Just trying to understand it more and stat some opinions that my friends and i were seeing? In all --- Im just trying to help a little? ha ha Keep up all the good work!!

Aceswild (Windrunner)

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Re: Admin Response Please?

Post#5 » Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:39 pm

P.S. Why would the Medalion PVP trinket even get a score? lol It is NO good in raids except for VERY few fights I.E. Mt Hyjal (EPIC or not)

and there is a few PVP pieces that are almost as good as they get I.E. The Gurdian Neclace, bracers, and maybe some rings? Thats a bout it though........the game is WORTHLESS if all you have to do to raid all the way through BT is PVP.

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Re: Admin Response Please?

Post#6 » Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:19 am

truthfully S4 is better than T6.

PvP gear is rated on this because pvp can be viable. Personally, I'd prefer the pve stuff over the pvp stuff.

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