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I really like your site as a rough guideline to my gear vs dungeons and raids my character is ready for.

1. Exceptional Agility does not appear to be recognized as a weapon enchant by your site. I use this enchant a lot on my feral druid weapons because it is cheap and i'm running two different instances daily looking for an upgrade.

2. For feral druids Heavy Borean Armor Kit to shoulders should probably be worth more then 5 points, but i don't know if the points are static or based on class for each item. According to other sources heavy borean armor kit is one of the best 3 or 4 shoulder enhancement for a bear druid.

3. Would it be possible to add Trial of the Champion(H), Pits of Saron(H), Halls of Reflection(H) based on your point system to the raid window. If you are one of these with 1200-1400 point gear you are probably out of your league.

Thanks for the great site.
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