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The ring enchants from the Enchanting Profession add +15 to gearscore, Where as upgraded enchants in other slots don't recieve an increase to gear score, Such as Bracer enchants from leatherworking, shoulder enchants from inscription, ect.

1 of 2 things should be done, Upgraded enchants from Professions should add extra gear score, or the +15 for ring enchants should be removed because lets compare the stamina enchant for bracers from leatherworking and the 2 stamina enchants to rings from enchanting

Each Stamina Enchant to rings from enchanting adds +30 Stamina
The Stamina Enchant to Bracers from leatherworking adds +102 Stamina

The Major Stamina enchant(BIS Non-Proffesission Stamina Enchant to Bracers) adds +40 Stamina to bracers
There are no ring enchants available to non-enchanters

Now even though a leatherworker with the same gear as an enchanter would have 2 more stamina due to his profession, he would have a Gear score that is 30 under that of the enchanter though he would have superior stats

This ends up to a mis-reprensentation to gear score

Bringing this to your attention, Either the Gear Score increase from ring enchants should be removed or non-enchanter profession gear enchants superior to the BIS non-profession enchants in a slot should add an increase to Gear Score as well

Milagros wrote:

Wow-heroes news 25.02.2009. wrote:
- overall enchant score is re-evaluated and it can now be max 135 for all classes/professions.

Despite What this site admin says, I calculated my gear against another toon of the same gear score who was an enchanter, Although my gear added more gear score overall, His +30 gearscore from his ring enchants put him at the same level as me, so obviously said news has not taken effect
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Please tell me the names of the characters that you compared. Please keep in mind that item level does not represent score for that item ,and that enchant score is maximized to 135 like i stated.
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I compared myself to Manofwood, both of us have the same Gearscore from your site though i out-gear him noticeably but his added gearscore from his ring enchants make the difference despite the cap that you mention
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