Nibelung vs. Frozen Bonespike + Shadow Silk Spindle

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Nibelung vs. Frozen Bonespike + Shadow Silk Spindle

Post#1 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:10 pm

I've read a few of the posts people have made about iLevel vs. gear score, in particular, staves vs. mainhand + offhand. I understand that even though two items have the same iLevel, wow-heroes won't necessarily rate them the same...which is smart.

My question though, is this: I have both Nibelung and Frozen Bonespike + Shadow Silk Spindle. All are iLevel 264, and all are appropriately enchanted/gemmed.

When I compare the two at wowhead, FB + SSS is better. (I'm not sure if wowhead is properly taking into account the proc on Nibelung, to be fair.)

wowhead lists the gains each weapon config gives:
Nibelung (264)
954 Feral AP (irrelevant to moonkin dps)
68.1 Melee DPS (irrelevant to moonkin dps)
181 Melee Min Damage (irrelevant to moonkin dps)
183 Melee Max Damage (irrelevant to moonkin dps)
0.3 Melee speed (irrelevant to moonkin dps)
2 Sockets
Val'kyr proc

Frozen Bonespike (264) + Shadow Silk Spindle (264)
37 Sta
29 Int
49 Spi
119 Crit (2.59%)
60 Haste (1.83%)
46 Spell power

When I swap between the two weapon configs, wow-heroes gives me a 12 point higher score when I have Nibelung equipped as opposed to FB + SSS. Does wow-heroes consider the proc to be better than the additional stamina, int, spirit, crit, haste and spellpower that FB + SSS has?

Without going into the gory details, moonkins have some very unique issues when it comes to gear. In ICC level gear, we can easily be over both the soft haste and soft crit cap, which is why many moonkins opt to use Nibelung, as it's complete lack of haste and crit help back us away from those soft caps. Is wow-heroes taking the class, and it's idiosyncrasies into account, thus explaining why Nibelung is rated higher?

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Re: Nibelung vs. Frozen Bonespike + Shadow Silk Spindle

Post#2 » Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:49 pm

Sometimes for items that have "special" procs we adjust bonus score :)

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