Brethren Court ICC 25 9/12 6PST M-T - Silvermoon Realm

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Brethren Court ICC 25 9/12 6PST M-T - Silvermoon Realm

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General Information

Guild Name: Brethren Court
Raid Focus: 25 Man Content
Raid Schedule: 6:00PM-9:30PM (PST) Tue, Wed, Thur, Mon
Looting System: EPGP
Guild Master: Delacour
Raid Leader: Habakuk
Lead Officer: Flopps
Recruitment Officer: Maxxis, Hottsauce

Current Class Desirability

Death Knight: One exceptional player
Druid: Closed
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Closed
Paladin: 1Closed
Priest: 1 Holy/Disc - Medium
Rogue: Closed
Shaman: 1 Resto - High
Warlock: 1-2 - High
Warrior: Closed

(We only have a couple of spots open but recruitment is ALWAYS open for quality players)

Progression Information (Last Updated: 2/17/2009)

Cleared/Farmed 10 Man Content: VoA(3.2.2), OS(+3), EoE, Naxx, ToC, Ony
Cleared/Farmed 25 Man Content: VoA(3.2.2), OS(+3), EoE, Naxx, ToC, Ony

Ulduar 10: 12/14 ;6/9 HM(Last Updated: 9/29/2009)
Ulduar 25: 13/14;2/9 HM(Last Updated: 10/27/2009)
Trial of the Grand Crusader 10: 5/5 (Insanity)
Trial of the Grand Crusader 25: 2/5 (Last Updated: 11/24/2009)
Ice Crown Citadel 10: 12/12 (2/27/2010)
Heroic Ice Crown Citadel 10: 2/12 (03/11/10)
Ice Crown Citadel 25: 9/12 (2/17/2010)

What we are looking for:
- We are a 100% adult guild (18+) with that being said we ask that all applicants follow this trend as your application will be ignored if found otherwise.
- We are expect that all applicants have a desire to progress through content agressively and strive to be one of the better guilds on the server.
- We like to have fun and fun to us equates to killing new things.
- All applicants must be able to attend 100% raids during their trial (2 week period).
- All applicants must understand the concept of "min-maxing" as well their classes current mechanics, doing this ensures that you will be able to maintain a level of performance that matches or surpasses that of the rest of the raid.
- Ventrilo is a requirement (With a MIC and talking)
- We DO NOT want your ALTS, every standing member has at least one Ulduar 25 equivalent geared 80 main in guild, we expect all applicants to follow this trend as well.
- We do not accept "guild straddlers" (no toon in any other active raiding guild on the server) this causes scheduling issues and effect your 75% attendance requirement.
- Understanding what keyboard turning actually means, and how button pushing vs clicking actually benefits your performance is a must.
- Standing in fire results in mockery and harrasement

- Social ettiquette
- If you frequently use LOL as a punctuation and include -_- <_< or other nonsense monkey chatter, please do not apply.

Please complete an application at (application turn around on average takes 1-3 days)

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Re: Brethren Court ICC 25 9/12 6PST M-T - Silvermoon Realm

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