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I currently play a Level 75 prot pally named Lonorla on the US Realm Sisters Of Elune. Here is a link to my current prot spec: ... ttered+sun

This is the first pally i've ever rolled before, so i would welcome any advice as to how to build my talents, what spell rotations I should use, gear suggestions, etc. I look forward to your comments and thanks again!
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Well, first of all I think you should skip Reckoning. It is not a very good talent and the extra little threat it creates is not worth 5 points.
Same goes for Seals of the Pure. Since your Seals deal very little of your total damage those 15% are'nt very interesting.

Now that you have 10 points to spare I would invest
2 points in Deflection to fill it up
5 points in Benediction
1 point in Improved Judgements (I'll explain why later)
1 point in Judgements of the Just

After that it gets a bit looser. Myself I have the rest of the points in:
1 point Divine Sacrifice (very situational though)
2 points Divine Guardian (very situational though)
2 points Pursuit of Justice (since we have no talents like Charge and Intercept 15% speed is very nice, it also means you can have Greater Fortitude on your boots instead of Tuskarr's Vitality meaning +7 in Stamina)

After that your 80 and fully specced =)


When it comes to rotation I'll start with explaining why you took 1 point in IJ. Best threatholder rotation for a lvl 80 Paladin is the 9-6-9-6-9 rotation. Per default you have
2x9 second cooldowners (Consecration (A) and Holy Shield (B) (8 sec but nvm))
2x6 second cooldowners (Hammer of the Righteous (1) and Shield of Righteousness (2))
With 1 point in IJ you get 1 more that is 9 seconds, namely Judgement (C).

So rotation becomes:
A-1-B-2-C-1-A-2-B-1-C-2 and after that it restarts.


Gear: Well... stay over 540 defense and build up on Stamina and avoidance/mitigation. If your in a progressionguild, healers are usually really nicely geared and hence Stamina is best choice. But it rly depends on what boss your fighting. Just remember, however much dodge/parry/block/armor you have, a spell cast at you will still hit and the armor wont take anything from it. I can ramble about situational gear for days but since that would require a dialogue I'll just leave it at that for now.

Hope I've helped =)

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