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I used as an answer for another post but maybe you can help me out here.

So far the best build seems to be 13/0/58 and the rotation (as i am using it right now) :

Life Tap + Curse Of Doom + Immolate + Conflagrate + Chaos Bolt + Incinerate x3

Now i experience a few problems with this built:

- Since the last patch it seems thatevery boss is inmune to conflagrate so the DPS is highly affected. :banghead:

- Life tap needs a huge amount of spirit to be usefull, but based on the current gear you can get, it means to sacrifice haste and raise the hit above the cap which if i am not wrong should be 464.

- If i test my DPS using the dummy on Orgrimar or Undercity i reach 3000 dps (there are a few items i need to upgrade) but as soon i start a dungeon my DPS drops to 2300 - 2600 top.


this numbers are based on Recount, i dont feel that is really accurate since other players on H dungeons or raids have show me the results they obtain and they got a difference 200 - 300 points higher than what i got on my recount report.

Also if i run the "Real time" graphic report on recount it shows 4k to 5k DPS whithout making any change.

Most likely i am doing something wrong (and i am still trying to figure it out what :lol: ) but so far i am sure that is not a gear issue.

Any suggestions?
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You can check this Warlock Destruction PvE Guide for 3.2.2 . I hope this will help you :)
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you mean 0/13/58?

I hope so I have never seen a build of 13/0/58

0/13/58 is the Cookie cutter Build for Destro at this time and point in Wow. It gives Replinishment with the improved soul leech and Also you get the Demonic Aegis Buff. If you are hurting for Hit Drop the Point in Replinishment and add them to Suppression for the 3% buff.

But Your Gear has to be top end to reach those high end DPS Numbers in icc and so on. I have a 5800 gear score. or Wow-hereo score of over 3100 and I have no issues with dps..

So good luck. :cray:
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