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http://wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone=us ... =janetibby

I was just wanting any suggestions I could get as to what I need to work on. (Spellpower, haste, hit, etc...) and what other gear I should try to grab. I seem to be pretty oblivious as to what gear to get (and where to get it). Even examples of what to shoot for or what I should be doing to get higher dps would be great.

Lately I have been doing a lot of heroics and the only raids I do are 10 man Naxx. I've also been doing battlegrounds and trading in honor points as well as emblems for a few items.

My large goal would to have two sets of gear, one for pvp and one for pve. For now, I will try to get going on the pve gear.

Any tips are much appreciated. Right now I pull around 1.5k dps, a little more if I'm really focusing.

Thank you.
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You should be focusing on getting into Heroics/ Heroic Dailies, and Raids. Even a "poorly geared" warlock can post 2.2k+. I know, less than Epic'd out, in Heroics my build(s) perform. So will yours.

The biggest disadvantage you have is gear based, and those 3 points in Affliction for Suppression. Although it helps you reach the hit needed to really perform, its not going to get better until you grab some more gear that has +Hit/+Crit on it. Remember for an 80 lock, destro spec'd, without Suppression maxed, your hit cap it 17%-ish. I believe a Simcrafter or Theorycrafter on EJ can give you the actual number, its close to 445.

Buy your badge gear, run in some 10man ToC groups, and 10man Onyxia. They aren't hard. And lastly, avoid gear nazis that think you need a specific gear score or set to raid. Know your class, and be chanted/inscripted/spec'd/gemmed/glyphed/arcanum'd into it, and know your rotation(s). Don't hesitate to get Focus Magic from a Mage or snag up a Boomkin for 5% crit increase.

Consider using this for gemming = Yellow: Reckless Ametrine (Orange Gem)
Red: Runed Cardinal Ruby
Blue: Purified Dreadstone (Purple Gem)

Plenty of other warlocks out there are rocking the dps charts. Just focus on learning how to spam your rotation and filler spells and you'll see the biggest differance. Good Luck!
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