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I just got back into the swing of things in game as I have been out of action for a while. When I last played I was told to gem up and have my items enchanted for Attack power. Now I am being told agility is the way to go. I was told the colors really didn't matter in the gem slots and I could put more red agility gems into blue etc just won't receive the socket bonus. Well I tried that but all the numbers went down and agility didn't go up at all. So I am a bit confused and could use some help getting my character up to proper speed. So I turn to you guys for some advice. I need to know what gems I should put on my gear, enchants etc.

I am combat sword 15/51/5 spec'd
Link to my armor: ... eroxraptor

Professions: I had herbalism and alchemy but was told I should drop herbalism and pick up jewelcrafting. I did this but would love advice on what I should really go for from other rogues.

I appreciate any help ty.
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I'm not combat, but I agree that Agility is the way to go. You got to realize that 1 Attack power= Equals 1 dps. However 1 Agility =1 Attack power and some Crit and some Armor. in the end one Agility is worth about 2 times one Attack power ( other forums have much more detailed explanations of how this woks out.)
After Agility, I've heard that Combat rouges need to stack Armor Pen. Though I have no real world knowledge of that. you appear to have good EXpertise, it is capped has a cap of 26.

I also agree with dumping Herb. JC allows the use of the dragon Eye Gems x3 which are major boost to any DPS class.

The enchant on your shoulders is a PVP enchant, if your raiding you should consider changing that.

Again I've been assassination spec for long time so cant offer much info on your talent build but it looks pretty close to standard.

Hope that helps.
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am not combat anymore but from what i have read lately spec depend on gems, last i saw (wasnt a lot of info but) combat should go for agility over ap and looking at the top geared rouges of my realm and there gems they went for armor pen and some agility. now im mute spec and have ap on everything and gem sockets bonuses, and resently went to tailoring for the cloak enchant (400 ap on proc) and im a lw w/ 130ap on wrist. im still getting get for myself i didnt play for a while so im in t7 and im doing 4-5k dps (on a no lag day).
now as far as agi vs. ap you can stack more ap than agi about 300 more and thats power to ur hits so i would aim for ap over agi but keep armor pen in high regards
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