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This is not a How To, This is just me trying to give some tips that should be common sense to regular players but not to new lvl 80 Death Knights.

Has anyone noticed that the majority of post on the Death Knight forums read like this, "HELP ME!!!!" "WTF!" "NERF" "HELP?" an the occasional "STOP MAKING DEATH KNIGHTS!". Lol trust me i've come on here looking for help on certain things also, not my spelling by the way. But I mean this is realy, realy depressing. Either No one has the answer, or it's you're all wrong, retarded an do it this way. Okay in 10man naxx I average, Not on trash, 2.5k dps, an that was before I got the few pieces of teir that I do now. Here is my advice to anyone one who plays a DK, an doesn't want to delete it. DO NOT post in trade chat "DK LF raid." . Please, pretty please say dps, right off the bat you are annoucing that you are one of the most annoying an likely to faill classes in the game. Ok now your saying DPS instead of DK, chances are high that you will be told that the raid is full on DK's, it's going to happen, 90% of the raids i go on (25man) have 2-4 dk's ever! A helpful things to do is tell them your dps, if you pull under 1.8k dps on a boss dummy with no buffs (include HoW, and BS for unholy.) You shouldn't even be trying to raid, it's embarrising to everyone else when you try to get into VoA with 900 dps. you should do more auto attacking. Thats just a tip for you puggers out there. To anyone who is looking to improve there dps through spec/rotation/gear, my advice is make some friends. Your best bet is to get into a guild with a decent amount of players, a good sign of a possibly useful guild is if they do a gear check before letting you join the guild. Maybe your new to lvl 80, let them know if you try to act like a hardcore raider with blues an greens on your first lvl 80 that just so happens to be a DK your going to piss people off. 90% of players on wow are willing to give you a hand but if you are under 16 no offense but you need to learn not to beg, needing help is one thing begging for gold, runs, an gear will also get people pissed. you may have to wait a while for your friends or guildies to gear you up. To DK's who want to dps raid an are new to lvl 80 here are some more ideas.

Pre lvl 80, make friends, be useful, damn anything just get people to know you for good reasons.

At lvl 80....

Step 1. Go unholy, both blood and frost dps is very reliant on gear. ( Though the new patch may change this.)

Step 2. Get The Hateful PVP set. Be prepared to grind about 250k honor points WG an AV are your friends. Also if you can get the WG marks the chest piece from the WG vendor is slightly better than the hateful.(Yes I know it is not raid gear, but it will beat 90% of the blues and greens you are wearing as a new lvl80.)

Step 3. It's probbly your best bet to spend 12 points in blood spec, making sure to grab the Bladed armor, an 2 handed wep spec. , if you can afford it use a titansteel destroyer, if not try for a heroic 2 hander.


Step 5. Questing, just because you are lvl 80 does not mean you should not quest. Questing is a great way to get gold since at lvl 80 you no longer get xp, but you get a buff to the amount of gold given to you from quest's. Why do this you ask? Because raiding, or even heroics are expensive, if you can deal with the possibility of 90g repairs, once again do not raid!

Step 6. And sadly the most important, be modest. As a newly lvl80 DK if your raid wipes, if your lowest dps, if they need another dps class, offer for them to replace you, trust me you may miss out on raiding or heroics that night but they will apperciate you, they will prolly set aside the time to carry you in a raid even though you may be the weakest one there, they may decide to invite you to the guild and want to gear you up. "May." this by no means will garuntee you anything. But if you a relaxed, friendly player who offers professions to anyone who may need (cooking,alch,jc,bs, or repair bots etc.) I highly doubt that they will not want you around.

Lastly once you are in a guild, or have made some friends chances are you will kno a 'Good" Dk, ask them if they might be able to get together with you sometime an help you. Ask them questions, true what works for one person may not work for another but it will give you a good basis to build on. Oh one more thing, Download Ventrillo, you'll need it. Good luck to you guys, you have a lot of Bull to listen to and even more to overcome.
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Nice there but i dont think you truely dont know what a dk can do. Im a blood spec dk. i pull around 4k single and 7k aoe. First in most your spec is what truely makes a dk and your rotation. DKs most have diseases up at all times. If played right Dks are by far the best dps in the game. warlock pull more dps but the pulling off tank thing gets well stupid. Check out my Dk on Coilfang Zepair. look at his spec if you are going to be a blood dk. and remeber dks arent noobs the person playing them badly are... BAD DKS GIVE US GOOD DKS BAD LOOKS!
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You both are terrible dks.. i can pull 5-7k dps on some boss fights. 5k avg, 7k max

... look me up on armory.. Realm:: Blackrock : Name:: Minimod
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I can pull 8k in ToC Gormok.

6k Min, 9k Max without Raid wide Instance Buffs. (Hodir, Yogg. Thaddius. Etc.)

If you don't believe me.. check out my own armory. :P
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Get your 4P T9. It works wonders.
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I guess i dont understand the responses of "i do XX dps.. go look if you dont believe me"

good for you, seriously. go pull 7k dps with blues and ilvl 200 gear.. not gonna happen, i don't care how bad ass you think you are.

better gear..... does not mean better skill..

such a hard concept to get in this game. i mean come on.. i can tool my way through heroics every day and be in all 226 gear, and if i cant do 3k DPS with my eyes closed in all 226 gear then we have something to talk about.

but OP is talking about new DKs with blues, maybe some greens and an epic or 2 if they are lucky.. why post on this subject about your bad ass dps and links to your armory page with conquest and triumph gear. need an epeen boost maybe?

anyway, good info OP, personally i leveled up blood, and my dps did suck for a while until i was close to 2000 gear score. never personally liked unholy spec at all.

but you are right, unholy is the least gear dependent spec and solid dps for low gear scores.
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Keyadri / minimod...get a life u trolls. No offense but dps is the easiest to master of tanking/dps/healing. It's not even close...truely pro players are tanks. Anyone can master clicking an attack rotation over and over. I'm just sick of the most geared players jumping in my pugs and having no skill at all. They can't dance because they don't have to but as soon as they pvp/duel they get mopped up cuz they're lazy. QUIT RELYING ON UR GEAR!! Than again there's probably a reason why tier 9 players are in 5 man heroics, cuz they can't handle 25 man raids and wipe raids cuz of their lack of skill. It's like giving my 5 yr old nephew a UBER character and telling him kill. Of course everyone's going to ooh and ahh over the gear but does that make him good? NO!!! Now go away. The OP had many good points and positive information. You guys are just nerds trying to look cool in WOW cuz u get beat up anywhere outside the house. You fruitbowls :club:
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Blood DPS is quite simple, but DPS does require some skill or you'll be total shit DPS. No matter what gear.

You need to throw your disease out there (IT & PS), and after just DS for the Death Runes, HS for your main attack, and Pest to keep the disease up. 1 Death Rune spent is better then 2.

Needa spec into the Death Runes for Death Strike, but it's HS focused.
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OP: I aplaude your desire to help our fellow players, new to being a DK and trying to ease their growing pains.

To those of you on here to /flex your E-Peen, by saying how much dps you can do, please make a "Rate the DK Above You" post and do your nerd-rage there.

Going to add in my own suggestions for those new to playing a DK:

Personally, I leveled as Blood back when your DS would heal you for 13k HP and you could effectively mock any damage an elite mob within 2 levels of you did. This also applied to any would-be ganker of the opposing faction :club:
It was great! To this day, despite all the changes made to each of the trees over the course of WotLK. I still recommend Blood for leveling. Truly though, it all comes down to personal prefrence and what you find fits your playstyle best. So try each spec for a couple levels as you go to figure out which is best for you.

With the addition of Heirloom items and their very excellent experience gain bonuses and the stats on them scaling with each level you gain, if you have a geared 80 that can do all of the Argent Tournament dailies (Has the Crusader title) I HIGHLY recommend you take a couple weeks and farm conquest emblems from heroics/raids (excluding TotC raids) to convert down into heroism emblems and farm the Champion Seals from the Argent Tournament dailies, BEFORE you start leveling your DK.
Believe it or not there is a MAILBOX you can access in the DK starting area to pickup all the heirloom items and have them right from the start. The mailbox is located in front of the central house between the horse pasture and the crop field filled with hyenas and probably several "skewered" bystandard's :grin: WARNING: There is a patroling elite mob on horseback that WILL pwn your face if you aggro him!
After a couple weeks you should have enough emblems/seals to purchase all of the Heirloom items; that will make your leveling experience much more enjoyable and quick. Heirloom "MUST HAVES": Chest, Shoulders, Haste/Heal after Kills trinket x2 (The healing amount won't stack; however after a kill BOTH trinkets will do their standard heal on you. Thus healing you for their combine amount), 2h Axe. I honestly wish these had been around when I leveled my DK. :banghead:

There are a lot of helpful addons out there for DK's. Both for leveling and for raiding purposes. The ones I used and still use are: Facesmasher, Carbonite, Deadly Boss Mods, Omen Threat Meter, Bartender4, X-Perl Unit Frames, IceHUD, and Quartz Casting Bar. There are a few others I have, but not that really have any effect on leveling/raiding. Most of these addons can be downloaded from, but Carbonite however is only available through[url][/url] (If you find you don't like Carbonite it's alternative solution is QuestHelper; which IS available at Curse.

Once you have hit 80, REPLACE THOSE HEIRLOOM ITEMS WITH EPICS FAST! (if you have any.) Even if it's only an ilvl 200-219 from Regular or Heroic ToC 5man. Once you hit 80 it's "HELLO gear checking gear score "Nazi's" Those heirloom items may be awesome on stats now that you're 80, but their ilvl maxes out at 176! That'll drag your gear score down faster than an Ogre at a buffet :lol: Which ends up leaving you loitering in LFG system because your gear score "isn't good enough" :banghead:
This probably won't apply for standard 5man heroics, but you can bet it will when it comes to the raid instances and you'll be lucky if you manage to beg your way into a 10man with any heirloom gear. :beg: (Guild hosted/held runs are NOT considered in this problem. Generally because they already know you can "put out" even with those Heirloom items.)

Once you've hit the 2200 gear score (WoW-Heroes score, not that lame addon called GearScore) You'll have a little easier time getting into pug 10man VoA, Ony, Ulduar, Naxx 10/25, and on the rare occasion 10 TotC. This is where you'll need to revamp your spec/rotation. At this gear score you won't have the needed stats to be "good" dps (5k+) without every possible raid buff known to WoW-kind; as Blood or Frost spec. Even if you loathe Unholy, "bite the bullet" and go Unholy until your gear score reaches about 2400. By this level you should easily have the stat's needed and the acceptable gear, to be a major contributor to the top end of dps. (Unless of course you get someone with 2600+ gear score in there. Then they SHOULD melt your face.) Provided they're not a scrub in good gear and actually KNOW their class/spec inside and out. I'm a firm believer in the old saying: "A scrub in good gear, is still a scrub" :amen:

Good sites to visit for keeping up to date on latest class/spec changes and theory-crafting:]
WARNING: Should you create and account to be able to post your "two cents" on the "EJ" forums....don't say I didn't warn you before hand! POST ON THE EJ FORUMS AT YOUR OWN RISK!! These guys LOVE their "BANHAMMER" and use it often, on those who are deemed to be "worthless scrubs" in their opinion and the regular posters are just as trigger happy, with reporting your post for being worthless.
For the most part, I just find myself reading what's been posted; test out for myself what's being considered the "IN" spec and then go from there. Oh ya, real out for Loderunner on the EJ forums....he swings a HUGE banhammer.... :blackeye:

Well that's it for me, my fingers hurt much typing. I hope my info is helpful as well and THANKS go to the OP for starting this thread! :friends: :thumbsup:
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To the first few :jester: who replied with "my dps is XXX" ....

You're EXACTLY the kind of BAD dks that OP was referring to.
Learn some modesty, and L2R.
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