Libram of Resurgence

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Libram of Resurgence

Post#1 » Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:17 am

This libram is completely worthless to any spec of Paladin. It increases the spell power of Consecrate; unfortunately it was scaled with BC coefficients. Overall it makes a protection paladin's consecrate tick for about 5 more damage, to a total of maybe 40 damage.

In comparison, the Libram of Obstruction (badge libram) is a lower ilevel but grants 5/9 uptime of 352 BV. Even ignoring the mitigation this provides, this is around fourteen times the threat granted by the other libram in a single target situation (bosses). It takes at least ten adds for the former libram to have better threat, and in such a situation the mitigation from Block Value is superior.

This isn't such a big deal but I noticed that most top-ranked prot pallies had the former libram, which is a pretty dumb mistake. I know that druid bear idols follow a similar pattern.

Just thought I might bring this to your attention. Relic ilevel does not necessarily equate to being better. You might just devalue the slot; that might work.

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