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What Relics do you prefer for an Enhancement Shaman!

.:: After the changes in our FlameTongue Imbued Weapon, would Haste is to aim for? to get more hits in?

*-*-*-* Haste GAINS *-*-*-*

.: [Totem of the Elemental Plane] - Equip: Your Lightning Bolt spell has a chance to grant 196 haste rating for 10 sec.
.: [Totem of Dueling] - Equip: Your Storm Strike ability also grants you 60 haste rating for 6 sec.

* Or would you get more SP in? or have AP instead since 30% of it will help add on to your SP?

*-*-*-* Spell Power GAINS *-*-*-*
.: [Totem of Hex] - Equip: Increases spell power of Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt by 165.

*-*-*-* Attack Power GAINS *-*-*-*
.: [Deadly Gladiator's Totem of Indomitability] - Equip: Your Lava Lash ability also grants you 120 attack power for 6 sec.
.: [Stonebreaker's Totem] - Equip: Your Shock spells have a chance to grant 110 attack power for 10 sec.

...Leaving out [Totem of Splintering] - Equip: Increases the attack power bonus on Windfury Weapon attacks by 212.?!?
- I think alot of enhancement shaman started to ignore this after the Glyph nerf, could be wrong :write: , but the stack was pretty good from Glyph + Spec(Elemental Weapons) + Relic.

I would like try different things, from stacking Haste/AP/Agi/Armor Pen etc...
Let me hear your thoughts on your end of why you chose that Relic?
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