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How does Stats priority go for you?
I know this may be different from disc and holy

I'm Holy and i do raid heals.

that's usually how i do it.. but i heard of the 300/300 rule. 300 crit and 300 haste.

that sounds good and all but i think crit is more important. what do you think? some people put more emphasis on haste.. is that good?

the reason i put mp5 last is because i have less than 15% overhealing constantly.. im usually never oom during boss fights.

so my question is.. should i stack haste or crit? or try to have a balance

oh yea.. and how important is int? should all priests have 1k int? you can search me up on wow armory or here at wow heroes.

Makeul at US-Onyxia
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It can be a bit weird as priest.

Int is a stronger stat (due replenishment) then spirit, but you want to keep both equal for regen.

Haste is stronger then crit, but crit can offer mana and haste from talents.
Holy concentration and Surge of light give free spells, imp holy concentration gives haste. And crits give a higher chance for overhealing and with that serendipity procs.

With 3.1 it will offer only mana with Holy concentration and Surge of light.
But then normal spell casts give haste(Reduced haste time to be precise) with serendipity.

MP5 is still the solo best form of mana regen, but you can get enough mana regen from spi, int and crit.

Spell power is a lot needed stat and wins first choice.

I would go for

Spellpower > Int = Spi > Crit
Haste and MP5 then as nice "Free" stats if gear has them

For nummers, aim for 17-20% crit during naxx 25, a bit haste, and 1000 int and spi. (i gem int and use trinkets for spi).
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