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I have had my Tier 6 two piece for the past 2 weeks, we are about to attempt Mother tonight. Now, i have been stacking for the past few months healing and mp5, mainly mp5. With water shield i have 258 mp5 while casting and 2133 with no totems or buffs what so ever. Now i have seen shaman doing the same content as me running with only 91 mp5 while casting, and in 4 piece T6 but with about 100 haste rating. Now, i know haste plays a huge role in endgame content near Illidan and in SWP. BUT i have always believed that you can not be stacking haste until your mana regen, healing, and mana pool is sufficient, or you will just go oom faster. Now this shaman may not be very bright and just happened to get these items from his guilds second illidan downing, but seeing him run around makes me question whether or not MP5 or Haste is more beneficial.

In my guild i am always the top healer or the second. I never stop casting and rarely go oom, so i do not see a reason to change my gear set up right now. Although it does bother me knowing that i could out heal these guys with their T6 chests stacking healing and haste with the same mana pool as my friends Boomkin, but would i out heal them still with more with haste? Or should i collect a 4 Piece T6 (Helm and Gloves, then Shoulders and Chest) and get a haste neck, and haste rings and the haste belt until i get some things from Sunwell.

I will post my armory link so you can check some items out that i have, i started pvping a little so if it shows me in PVP gear i'm sorry.http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Eredar&n=Drkshadow
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1. Spellhaste > all (especially for Shaman)


Drkshadow wrote:
I never stop casting and rarely go oom

So why not stack haste?

3. Fullhaste shamans just have to be in a shadowpriestgroup.
The pure amount of healingoutput of a haste-shaman is tremendous.

In my old BT/MH guild my CoH-Priest was always nr. 1 in healing by pure spirit stacking, now in my new Sunwell equiped guild i was outhealed by every singe shaman (did i mention i hate chainheal? :rant: ) :blush:

But i slowly climb in healmeter by stacking haste (tailoring + sw items).

If your raidleader is clever he will give at last 1 shadow into the healing grp because in most encounters you may always stop dps but stoping hps is mostly futile ^^

Edith says: If you like some Theorycraft try http://elitistjerks.com/f47/t24796-shaman_restoration
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It is a preference, really. I prefer stacking heal/mp5 and int/mp5 on my shaman. If the gear itself happens to have haste, that is fine. I tend to watch most of the other healers in a raid go OOM from spamming unnecessary heals, so I have to pick up their slack. Most CoH priests are notorious for this; they also devalue the resto shaman. However, being number one in healing does not mean a thing, the only healing meter that matters is the overheal. Healing is all about knowing when to heal and how to best utilize the heals you have. In general, as long as the raid is not wiping due to an error on your behalf, you are fine.
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