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character - Myrddinwyllt
Realm - Uldaman
Zone - US

When i try to do a guild live update the live box is always grayed out. So any of the guild members that have not been updated in a while i have to manually click on each individual one and go to there separate wow-heroes character sheet and do live update that way.

Is there a way to change it so the Guild tabs live update button works?

Or am i just doing something out of order.

Ok well it seems to sometimes do it and sometimes not. But still is there something im doing wrong that it wont let me live update all the time?
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Very soon we will add new server (much bigger ,hopefully next week) ,until then we are forced to keep "live" guild reports for random users unfortunately. Too many live guild requests at the same time burn current server so others are not capable to use normal character search.
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