Rating issues between classes/specs

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Rating issues between classes/specs

Post#1 » Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:33 pm

I have been updating players profiles for eldre'thalas recently and have been noticing some trends in the best geared players. The two most noticeable are titan grip warriors, hunters, and tanks.

Titan grip warriors are in the interesting position of being able to dual-wield 2h weapons, which is a huge number of points. I have seen a handful of fury warriors dual-wielding Betrayer of Humanity, and even with 2 or 3 ilvl 200 items they are among the top 20 on the server (min. score of 2328). I have no comments or questions on this one, I just wanted to make sure that the issue was known.

Hunters are in the curious position of being able to enchant everything that everyone else can PLUS improvements to their ranged weapon count towards their score. Couple that with their priority on ilvl 226 items like Envoy of Mortality and this shows their scores rising much faster than other players. This became incredibly apparent when among the top 20 on Eldre'thalas, 6 of them are hunters.

Last, but not least, tanks have an issue where they have the best item for their ranged weapon/sigil/libram is ilvl 200. The armor plated combat shotgun is the best warrior tank weapon in the game atm, but it is ilvl 200. As is Sigil of the Unfaltering Knight, and Libram of Obstruction. Has this been addressed, or is it considered an acceptable problem that will probably (hopefully) be alleviated when Ulduar is released?

There is a similar problem for trinkets as well. There are only 2 ilvl 213 tanking trinkets, and one is 850 armor (Defender's Code). If a tank doesn't want to forego a substantial amount of stamina, they have to sacrifice points on wow-heroes to keep their Essence of Gossamer or Figurine of the Monarch Crab.

One more thing for tanks as well. The Heavy Borean Armor Kit is considered a weak enchant for tanks (score of 5) when it is put on hands, and that somehow 2%threat/+10 parry rating, expertise, and hit rating are all superior. Many tanks are losing points because they do not feel that threat is an issue and would prefer to increase their stamina instead. Is there a way this can be addressed? I know that +18 stamina is still considered an acceptable enchant for shields, I don't see why it is not for hands unless it is more of a technical problem. For an example of this you can look up Puney of TiMe on Eldre'thalas.

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Re: Rating issues between classes/specs

Post#2 » Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:34 am

There are alot of instances where wow heroes goes wrong...but it's a system that only takes into account certain variables and/or rankings.

Take for instance Signet of Bridenbrad...an ilvl 174 Ring with amazing stats. According to WoW Heroes though Titanium Impact Band would be better for DK's...but for Frost and Unholy the stats are better on Bridenbrad than on Impact Band...but it will rank us down for not using a higher level, less valuable, ring.

wow-heroes should be used as a loose guideline at best and not an end all be all source of rankings. Obviously the higher you are to the top of the list you are probably that much better geared anyway...but between you and another person it really comes down to knowing whats good and whats not.

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