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Murlocs Unlimited is currently recruiting to form our late blooming 10-man raid team. We are a casual guild of friends and family with members who have been playing since vanilla release and some fairly new. Everyone enjoys the game and has fun, which is what we are about (it is after all a game)!

We will be raiding Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 8:30pm Server Time (PST) to at least 10:30pm Server Time (PST).

Currently we are looking for:

2 Healers: Any non-druid.
1 Tank: Any.

In addition to our needs for the raid team we are always accepting others to level, gear, socialize, and just have fun with a great group of people. You are welcome to join us in our adventures.

For raiding... We do require ventrilo for communication, maturity when it counts (and the ability to know when that is), knowledge and skill of your class and spec, and raid-ready gear (at least 5-man heroic geared... preferably better).

To apply please visit our website at, and proceed to fill out the application found there, or you may find myself or another officer in-game to schedule a quick little interview.

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