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A couple of issues I wanted to point out to hopefully get resolved; thanks for your time omnipotent admins!

1) A lazy guildy didn't capitalize our guild name when updating our progress and now we are listed twice <Dark Sun Cabal> and <dark sun cabal>. I want to make sure the other guilds are ranked appropriately, so if we could fix that it would great!

2) Most of Dark Sun Cabal's progress is correct, however we are 1/4 Terrace of Endless Spring, which has updated on wow armory and "". It has been almost 2 weeks since the kill and bosses we have subsequently downed are showing (in HoF) but not in Terrace. Also, chatting with a few other GMs, I've found out their having similar problems. Thought I'd give a heads up!

Lastly, we all love and want to use it consistently, so hopefully these bug reports help improve our experience! Your time is very much appreciated!

Thank you,
GM of Dark Sun Cabal
Lightninghoof- Horde
Site Admin
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We will try to fix a problem with your guild name , so your guild can be properly recognized only as Dark Sun Cabal at wow-heroes progress page .
As far as we can see unfortunately even Blizzard armory doesn't recognize your Terrace of Endless Spring Guild Run ( as you can see on the screenshot or you can check your guild page .

Dark Sun Cabal - armory.JPG
Dark Sun Cabal - armory.JPG (94.69 KiB) Viewed 574 times
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