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I made a bug report regarding items that are upgradable with valor or justice, not showing as upgraded on wow-heroes.

Its been a week since then, and still no reply.

Also when i click on my own name to check my posts, it says no suitable matches were found.

I'm riposting it here in hopes a mod will see it.

- zone (United States)
- realm name (Cho'gall)
- character name ( Vexx )

I upgraded 2 items on my account with valor recently (Bracer and Helm), and neither of them are being shown as *Upgraded 2/2* on Wow-heroes. Is this not possible atm or a bug.

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Sorry for keeping you waiting, we overlooked your topic by accident. Unfortunately, we are unable to display upgraded items until Blizzard provides some means to access that information. Even official Armory does not display upgraded items at the moment. As soon as they give item update information in their API, it will be displayed on wow-heroes also.
Once again, sorry for late reply.
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