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Ok I could really use some help, for a while I thoguht I was doing good. Almsot always comign out on top in df. Got into raid finder today, and got out dps by a bm hunter by about 7 slots. They were number 2 in dps, I was 8. Looking at their gear, wasnt really anything special. So after looking on here in the player comparison I noticed a few things that looked oof. So went to to look up otr stats and comapre side to side.

First of all, I am duel wilding which I know isnt great but I have yet to find a staff or polearm to replace them. I also have one pvp trinket which is the same deal, havent found anything better to replace it with. Other than that I think I have done pretty good with my gear and reforging as well. Also I had 8% cap before that run, got new legs that reduced my hit, will be reforging to get back to the hit cap.

-My main concern comes down to the ranged attack power and is the only thing I can think that is casuing the margin in dps difference. My ranged attack power via is 13864 before the additional agility, and the other persons is 17319. The only thing I can find, but I cant find whats acctauly causing the huge difference between the two.

Ok well to make it easy here is both the link so others may look at a side by side comparison to see what im talking about:
(Other Guy/Gal)

I thought MM had a higher dps, my roation is as follows. Hunters mark, serpint sting, rapid fire, then spam steady shot until i get the instant aimed shot while the boss is above 90% health and throw in a few chimera shots now and then, along with kill command. Once they are below 90%, I spam steady shot, and use chimera every time its up. Arcane, and kill command to use up focus, back to steady shot so once chimera is up I dont have any down time. And then include kill shot when it is ready.

Sorry for the super long post, but Id really like to get my dps up with all the experienced hunters...Thansk for all and any help...
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Your DPS would improve if you were using arcane shot in place of kill command
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