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This doesnt seem to take into account my tree form or anything as a resto druid. My Bonus heal is higher when I'm in tree form then not. Is this lowering my score asa result in comparison to other classes?
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This site as you can see on the character page takes into the scoring system:
- gear
- gems
- enchants
considering your spec of course.

Unfortunately there is too many classes/spec with "hidden" stats :
- resto druids in tree form
- balance druids in moonkin form
- feral druids in cat and bear form
- DKs with auras
- shadow priests in shadow form
- ....

Base stats is something individual and depends of your playing style ,example:
- one resto druid can use all spell power gems and enchants
- second one can use all enchants and gems with spirit and intellect
From our experience both can be equally good in raids depending of the spells they use the most.
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