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So, whats the best balance druid rotation and tree? ive seemed to get help plenty of times from other balance druids but im still at the bottom of the dps/dmg done recount addon. so i honestly dont know what im doing wrong. for a druid at 80 you should be up to the near top of recount, is what i was told. i just dont know what im doing wrong, please help me out with posting the best balance druid rotation and tree.

thank you,
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best rotation (a lot always depends on your talents, or even trinkets in same cases) on single targets for boomkin is:

faerie fire, force of nature, insect swarm, moonfire, starfall, wrath spam ( until lunar eclipse), then starfire until end of eclipse, then repeat from beginning except faerie fire, skip when ability is on cooldown.

for this to work you need to have the eclipse talent in your balance tree. also, if u don't get increasing spell damage from your periodic spells insect swarm and moonfire it would be a good idea to pop starfall right after force of nature.

this changes a when u fight multiple opponents instead of single targets. usually i like picking the target with the biggest HP and give him insect swarm and moonfire so that my spell damage increases and then pop force of nature, followed by hurricane. if appropriate use starfall. be aware of its range though. as in, if there is an unpulled mob close by, dont use it. if u do happen to end up with aggro anyway it is a good idea wait till they are close and then use typhoon, as it will often, with some luck, push the mob back towards the tank and slow them down.

for tree there is no set rotation. i like to pass out regrowth first because it lasts 25seconds and it takes longer to cast, so before the tank actually pulls. u have time to give out this sorta spell. i have a glyph that makes rejuvination go by faster so once the tank pulled i try to keep rejuvination on him at all times. a typical rotation when a tank begins running into a mob would be:

wild growth
check on other raid members and pass out juvination, (regrowth if u feel have time) or nourish accordingly
recast rejuvination on tank
if he is below 70% go ahead and swiftmend u should still have both growth and juv on him.

swiftmend is probably ur best ability as u can instantly heal for a lot of hp (get the glyph that does not remove rejuvination when u mend) u can cast it while running and its cooldown is pretty decent.

i hardly ever cast healing touch without using swiftness of nature ( or grasp of nature, not sure of the name) first and usually its in some situations where someone is at 20% health or less.

u wanna use ur juv (plus growth if its sitll on the friendly target) and swiftmend combination to save time if multiple raid members are loosing health. always hit wild growth once its cooled down, doesnt hurt even if the raid is at full health.

and nourish is ur single most powerful healing spell that doesnt have a cooldown. if for example you were stunned or unavailable and u walk in on a situation where a tank is in trouble u would most likely cast juv and insta swiftmend then go over to nourish until he is at full health. if another raid member is almost dead at that time u can use grasp of nature+healing touch and then switch to nourish. in otherwords nourish is ur big heal if swiftmend and grasp of nature+healing touch combo is unavailable.
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