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I'e been playing WoW about 3 months now, and I have a level 71 Druid on "The Undebog".
I put all my points inthe Balance tree and try to be on when I can (hard with wifey & 2 kids lol)...I really like the class and game.

Anyway...some quesions please:

1. Thoughts on Dual Spec? I played another MMO (DDO) and I like the healing aspect of it. I don'thave alot of time to play and start a healer, so I thought going for a dual specDPS/Heal would besomething I want to do. I'm not all to sure about gear, but I know alot of people in game say "Spirit/Int/Spell Power"...most of my gear is that with that said, is dual-spec an option for me as it stands?

2. I hear alot of people talk about Gear Score - What is that?! I look on AH for better stuff than what I have, but I think all seems ok. Any advice please?

3. I've been kicked from dungeons cause I am not feral DPS...but when some people do the DPS count (add-on I think?) my toon is always 1st or 2nd in DPS...does it matter if Druid is Boomkin o Feral DPS?

Many Thanks for help! :)
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Definitely get dual spec.

i myself have a boomkin / tree and it couldn't be more fun. I would try not to waste too much money on gear when u can get it perfectly well from drops in dungeons. This i think makes sense until at least level 80. Now that cata is coming it is still a good idea at level 80 not to spend gold on gear that will be out of date soon.

as a boomkin u wanna stack spell power, critical chance and intellect.

as a tree u want intellect, spell power and haste.

before level 80 u should be able to use almost the same gearset for both specs. i guess if u pick up an identical piece one with haste the other with crit then u could switch it accordingly, but since u are still levelling most gear is out of date soon anyway.

Gearscore is a number that reflects the quality of your gear. don't worry about gearscore until you are level 80.

I can only think of you selecting tank when queuing up for a random dungeon as the reason for people kicking you. As a boomkin you can obviously not be a tank. So please select dps (or healz if u get the restoration spec) when u queue up. otherwise those guys are just crazy.

by the way, a feral dps would need a very different set of equipment. attack power, etc.. that sorta thing. boomkin and tree, at least until level 80 are pretty close.
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