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Currently I am Feral/Resto specc. Feral specc being DPS. I have been feral since almost the day I made Kahira. However I am finding myself slowly edging away from kitty. I had always been the tank back before BC, well.. before I was high enough of a level to get to outlands (I joined WoW when the expansion went live so I just went ahead and bought both the game itself and the pack)

I love farming old BC heroic dungeons in but can never do it as kitty/bear solo because well... we all know. That or I just fail.

I have read multiple stickies on the WoW forums and have a pretty good idea about what is expected as a bear tank. I do plan to still farm BC dungeons, but also to tank the new ones and those to come.

So I ask you guys these questions:

Eventually a lot of my feral kitty gear is going to get replaced with ones larger in staminia, etc. I'm sure. As a bear just starting out though, what peices should I get rid of right of the back and what ones should I keep and start gemming? (I haven't begun to gem or enchant any of my feral gear yet so thats a nice money save for me since i'm switching)

I know the Polar peices are nice because they have a lot of stamina (or strength, I can't remember, been awhile) and sockets for gems, should I get those from AH? Or should I just stick with the gear I have right now and start gemming?
(Don't stare at my green trinket please, I had been working on emblems before I left WoW so I'm working on replacing it.)

Is there anything else I should know when starting my tanking specc back up again? I know what gems to stack up, etc. from the stickies I have read.

(P.S On the WoW Armory I logged out in my Resto specc so you'll have to look at my gear here on Wow heroes to see my feral gear, sorry about that. I have never been able to see my other gear set on the armory so I don't know if it's even possible, never really fiddled with it.

WoW-heroes: ... ame=Kahira

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No one has any advice to give? o_o
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now i dont really know anything about feral but dont go w/ the lw frost stuff it has high stam but the ali is very needed at a tank, buy what u can w/ emblems and if u can get into h-hor i think it is grab that polearm Orca-Hunter's Harpoon, weapons are very important to bears, and cats for that matter. but just buy all u can w/ emblems and u will do just fine
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I have been bear for a large amount of time, If you plan to be going bear i would say it really depends on what raids you plan to start tanking

For bears the stats go like this Stam>Agility>Strength>Int>spirit
and for other additions Dodge>Attack Power>Critical Strike Rating>Defense Rating>Armor Penetration
Parry and Block are irrelevant since we do not benefit from them
I did not include Hit and Expertise on that list, They cannot scale accordingly if you want to keep up your threat as a bear you want 250 hit MINIMUM and around 400 max, Expertise 20 Will normally do it for you but anywhere up to 35 is good

Gemming Your Meta should be a +32 Stamina, +2% Total Armor i believe its called Austere Earthsiege Diamond, Not sure though

Always gem Stamina Unless your have blue slots and/or Red slots only otherwise go with a Shifting(purple Agility/Stamina) gem or a Delicate(red Agility) gem to gain a slot bonus that you consider worth it

Major 1-Glyph of Survival Instincts
Major 2- Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration
Major 3- Glyph of Maul or Glyph of Mangle or Glyph of Roar(i only suggest roar if you lack a reasonable amount of hit rating)

Minor 1-Glyph of Challenging Roar
Minor 2- Your Choice
Minor 3- Your Choice

For tanking Specific Raids Dodge(in bear) and HP(in bear) Requirements Unbuffed In my opinion
10 Mans
Naxx-28k hp, 35% Dodge
Ulduar-32k hp, 37% Dodge
ToC-35k hp, 38% Dodge
ToGC-37k hp, 40% Dodge
ICC-40k hp, 41% Dodge
ICC Heroic-N/A

25 Mans
Naxx-30k hp, 36% Dodge
Ulduar-34k hp,40% Dodge
ToC-38k hp, 42% Dodge
ToGC-40k hp, 42% Dodge
ICC-43k hp, 44% Dodge
ICC Heroic-N/A

I realize other tanks may do ICC 25 with under 43k ub, but this is for a bear we lack their extra avoidance we make up for it with extra health

I hope this was helpful to you if you have any additional questions feel free to PM or Email me

If your starting off from scratch this is what you should get for each slot
Weapon-Orca Hunters Harpoon-From Heroic Halls of Reflection-Boss Marwyn
Helmet-Hood of Lethal Intent-Source Triumph Emblem Vendors
Chest-Tier 9-Source Triumph Emblem Vendors
Shoulders-Tier 9-Source Triumph Emblem Vendors
Legs-Tier 9-Triumph Emblem Vendors
Gloves-Tier 9-Triumph Emblem Vendors
Bracers-Chewed Leather Wristguards-Source Heroic Pit of Saron-Boss Ick and krick
Belt-Flayer's Black Belt-Source Normal Pit of Saron-Boss Forgemaster Garfrost
Boots-Blighted Leather Footpads-Source Heroic Halls of Reflection-Boss Lick King Escape
Back-Eerie Runeblade Polisher-Source Normal Halls Of Reflection-Boss Falric
Idol-Idol of Mutilation-Triumph Vendor
Neck-Fossilized Ammonite Choker-From Heroic Halls of Refelction-Boss Lich King Escape
Ring 1-Clutch of Fortification-Source Triumph Emblem Vendor
Ring 2-Mark Of the Relentless-Source Heroic Trial of the Champion-Boss Grand Champions
Trinket 1-The Black Heart-From Normal Trial of the Champion-Boss The Black Knight
Trinket 2-Ick's Rotting Thumb-From Heroic Pit of Saron-Boss Ick and Krick

Please Note the gear i suggest above is assuming you cant afford craftables, dont want to raid without a finished set, and dont want to waste your frost emblems because there are better items that are easy to obtain
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