Blacksmithing and tank gear

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Blacksmithing and tank gear

Post#1 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:26 pm

Why does having Blacksmithing give you such a higher ranking than a profession like Enchanting if you are a tank? Both professions give you an extra 48 stamina. In fact, Jewelcrafting will give you even more stamina than either profession. I currently have enchanting and jewelcrafting and much better gear than many of the people who out rank me yet they have a higher ranking simply due to the fact they are blacksmiths. I have better gear, more health, more mitigation, more avoidance, more Hit and Expertise, more just about everything thing than several of them. If you are going to give extra points for the BSing enchants, then the same weight should be given for ring enchants.

Also, according to Tankspot and other sites that rank tanking gear, the best trinkets in the game right now are actually of rare quality (the top two are crafted profession trinkets from alchemy and jewelcrafting). Yet to get high rankings on this site, you have to wear inferior trinkets just because they are epic. In fact, the person who is ranked highest on my server for Prot Paladins has a Ret Libram equiped that increases Crusader Strike (an ability Prot Paladins do not even have).

Right now you have people just looting anything with a 213-226 item level that they can equip and logging out in them to increase their rank on here. As long as that is the case the rankings on this site are meaningless.

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