[A] Twisted Rage - Darkspear EU Recruitment

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[A] Twisted Rage - Darkspear EU Recruitment

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Twisted Rage - Darkspear EU are currently looking for active players to join our 10 man progression team. Primarily we are in need of a Tank and Healer although other players will be considered and social players are welcome.

About Twisted Rage
We have been around as a social guild since TBC and when WOLTK came out we made the decision to form a raiding team. Although our focus is often on raiding we like to keep an emphasis on the social side of the guild as this was always our primary goal to achieve a guild with a good sense of community and friendship. We like to keep things as light hearted as possible and have a lot of fun in all we do as a guild.


The guilds A Team is our dedicated raid team for high end raids and have currently progressed through 8/16 T14 raids. Progression has been slower than desired as we have not had a permanent off tank or third healer so we are hoping to bring in new players to fill these roles so we can quickly progressed through the rest of T14 raids and start in the Throne of Thunder. The players in our A Team have proved themselves to be good players and committed to what they are doing. Although gear is a factor due to content requirements primarily a good attitude, knowing your class and commitment are our key requirements to be part of the team.

While we do try to keep our raids focused we are more concerned about having a good time then how quickly we are progressing. Our raid motto has always been "We fight as a guild, we die as a guild, we laugh as a guild".

We currently raid 10 mans 3 days a week, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 20.15 to 23.00 server time, and naturally heroic runs, achievement grinding and general chit chat is going on throughout the day and evening. (Please note raid days are currently A Team only)

What we require from our applicants

-18 years or older.
-Understand, speak and read English well.
-Good Attitude and Sense of Humour
-Good gear is a bonus if you are wanting to raid with us, but not essential as long as your willing to put in the work with us to get what you need.
-To be an active player, we pride ourselves in having a community of friends, so I can't stress the importance of being an active player.

Please apply at http://www.twistedrage.guildportal.com

The Twisted Rage Team

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