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No Fury - Antonidas Alliance

Second Core group Recruitment

Has your guild transferred servers and left you out to dry? Have they not progressed for a while and are still 10+ on the server? Or have they stopped raiding all together?Come be apart of No Fury. No Fury is a progression raiding guild on the US Antonidas server.

We are currently one of the top guilds on the server, progressing through both regular and heroic content at a competitive pace. Raids are run in a friendly, laid back environment (even if our raid leader is a bit of a #@@@#%@%) and you do not need to dress like a pirate or, a ninja... just ignore Give. Despite what some of our raiders might think... we are not elitist; you do not have to be the best of the best. There is more to WoW than just raiding! We have a busy vent server for more social players and run Scenarios, Challenge Modes, Heroics and 'Looking For Raid' together as a guild.

Current 10m Raid Progression
MSV- 6/6H
HoF- 6/6, 4/6H
ToES- 4/4

Current Riad Schedule
Core Group
Tue-Thurs 7pm-10pm PST
Mon 7pm-10pm PST (further progress)

Alt Runs
Sat- starts at 5pm
Sun- starts at 7pm

What No Furyis looking for is RAIDERS. In the sense that you love to see a progression boss smack his face on the floor. Someone who has the enjoyment of raiding instead of just downing content. To be a Raider in WoW, it requires more than just gear and general rotation of spells. To perform above and beyond what is the norm for your class.

Currently we are recruiting all specs and classes and more so of tanks and healers.

If you feel that You can be a valuable asset to our guild please feel free to apply at our websitenofury.guildlaunch.com

Also, feel free to contact any officers in-game if you have further questions

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