[H] Hordecore-Madoran-6/16HM LF Mage/EleSham

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[H] Hordecore-Madoran-6/16HM LF Mage/EleSham

Post#1 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:12 am

Hordecore is currently looking specifically for a mage and an elemental shaman.

However we are always interested in exceptional players and we carefully consider all applications.

About Us

Hordecore is a semi-hardcore Horde raiding guild on US-Madoran. We run two equally progressed 10m groups. Our primary focus across both groups is progression.

Our roster has very little bodycount overhead, we place members on standby as infrequently as possible.

About You

[] High attendance
[] On time for raids
[] In possession of class-appropriate consumables during all raids
[] Available at a minimum for both nights of at least one raid group
[] Reads all available strat info on guild forums
[] Conducts personal research for all bosses
[] Both understands and correctly executes raid mechanics
[] Takes instruction well, and executes correctly when instructed
[] Cares deeply about their performance and contribution to successful progression

Raid times
All times CST, which is also server time.

Group 1
Wednesday 7:15pm-10pm
Thursday 7:15pm-10pm

Group 2
Friday 7:15 pm-10pm
Saturday 7:15pm-10pm

Extended progression is done on any days enough members are available. Most commonly this occurs on Mondays, less often on Sundays, and rarely on Tuesdays.

Current Progression

Normal Mode:
Heroic Mode:
MV - 5/6
HoF - 1/6
ToES - 0/4

If you are interested, have questions, or wish to apply, please visit our website at:


You can also contact an officer in-game by whispering any of the following:

Jelu, Omniexist, Cirieris, Belue, Pinuppanda, Nobil

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