(H) Hopeless Sins (25m) of Genjuros recruiting (2/16HC)

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(H) Hopeless Sins (25m) of Genjuros recruiting (2/16HC)

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Hopeless Sins is on a holy quest to revive this dead realm (and we are doing quite good with all the X-realmers coming in)!!! Lets use our Gnomish Army Knives and Mass Ress spells and get this server back up and running!

About the Guild and our Raids

Hopeless Sins is a 25m Horde raiding guild on Genjuros - EU that was created on September 12th 2007 under the name of Seven Sins. In Januari of 2013 we merged with the guild Hopeless of Twisting Nether. We then changed our name to our current, Hopeless Sins. We are very proud of being one of the longest standing guilds on this server. We are also very proud of the fact that our guild is very active, both during raidtimes as outside them.
In the time this guild has existed we've achieved quite a lot, we own allot of realm first for instance. Our most noteworthy accomplishments are getting every Realm 1st in Dragon Soul Heroic (25m - Cataclysm), clearing Ice Crown Citadel among the first on Heroic (25m) on Genjuros. We hope to accomplish the same if not more in MoP and future expansions. We are here to stay!

*We're primarily using english to communicate but the guild itself is consisted of a variety of nationalities. Furthermore, we do not encourage other languages constant spam in gchat nor vent.

*Raiding times are 20:00 - 23:00 every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We're trying to stick to this schedule but extensions can happen for the sake of progress. (Not regularly though and we allways ask our raiders if they can stay, rather then making them stay longer).

*New members are considered a Trial member. Trial members can earn a spot in our raids by proving themselves as good (skill) and reliable (attendance) players.

*We're using DKP system to distribute loot with a tweak that has worked just fine for us so far. A short explanation:
- We bid on items through a single whisper to the officer which divides the loot. The highest bid wins the item;
- Mainspec bids first;
- Prefered offspecs second (these are the few people who have an offspec we acctually sometimes use in our raids);
- FFA, offspecs get to roll not bid their dkp on an item.

*Regarding alts, you can have them in the guild once you've achieved Raider rank for obvious reasons.

About you:

*You're expected to be active, raid at least two out of three raids. Most of our core raiders can make it 3/3 so anything less than that won't work towards your favor. Exceptions can be made, however this goes in agreement with your respective role-officer.

*You don't mind passing on loot or be on standby until you have proven yourself to be at least as good as our current members.

*You don't mind sitting out every now and then, if necessary.

*You're a mature, self sufficient and well-informed player. That means you already know everything you need to know before joining the raid. Thus READ tactics!!!

How to be part of the family

* Register to our forum using your ingame name. You will receive an activation email to follow, just like any site you've ever registered. If problems occur contact us in game for assistance.

* Be patient with your application but also respond in time to our questions/quotes. Most of the times we do have a response within 7 days.

What are we recruiting in particular atm?!

Currently we are urgently recruiting: Healers and DPS

Further we are looking for any exceptional Mage, DK or Shaman.

Regardless of class, we're always looking for exceptional raiders to join our ranks in order to maintain our good name and reputation among the best raiding guilds on Genjuros.

For more info visit our site or contact me or one of the other Officers ingame (Lustobject, Bubbelboy, Palatje, Niblit, Sudokusei or Moobe).

Or on our website:

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