[A - Black Dragonflight - US] <HGP> Recruiting for MOP 25 ma

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[A - Black Dragonflight - US] <HGP> Recruiting for MOP 25 ma

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Hell Gate Power was formed in late November 2008. We are an ambitious guild Hard Core Raiders / PVP. Seeking like-minded individuals with the ambition to establish ourselves amongst the servers best guilds or in the world....

Raid Times for our 10 & 25 man Grps

First Grp Tuesday - 8:00PM - 11:00AM EST

Second Grp a 25 man Thursday - 8:00PM - 11:00AM EST

Third Grp Monday - 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST


While we will always look at any exceptional applicants, we are currently actively recruiting the following;

DPS / Tanks / Healers

4 Paly with Dps/Tank or holy Spec
4 Balance Druid With off Spec Tank or Resto
4 Elemental Shaman with os Resto,
4 Shadow Priest With os Holy or Disc
4 DPS warrior with off spec Tank
4 Rogues
4 Warlocks
4 Mages
4 Hunters

What we expect out of you:

- Ability to use Ventrillo and a working mic for quick communications when necessary

- Players to keep their main toons in top shape for our level of progression with appropriate specs, mods, gems, profession perks, enchants, consumables, etc, including a thorough knowledge of their class.

- A friendly mature attitude, we expect everyone who is in Choice to display a positive raiding and guild environment for everyone else, please, don't bring your drama here, for we will not tolerate it.

- Be on time, and be prepared to raid.

- Most of all, be able to have fun!

You have questions, or would like to know more, feel free to check us out at http://hgp.wowstead.com or contact Guild Leaders

GM: HellDeaths .

OFFICERS: Toomuchrock , Hadrius , Datolas , Liquorbandit , Missesstabn , Shamwarrior , Baffle
in game and we will be more then happy to answer any concerns or comments you may have

Looking to join Apply here http://hgp.wowstead.com

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