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[H-Undermine-US] <The Risen] Recruiting

Post#1 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:05 pm

[H] The Risen on Undermine (EST) PVE is recruiting strong, solid players for late night current Dragon Soul 10s as well as the soon to be released MoP expansion, PVP and general guild membership. We are an eclectic group of people who have raided most, if not all previous content, who know our classes inside and out and seek the same in guildies/raiders.

We are mainly recruiting for MoP as we fully intend on being a competitive progression raiding guild. This guild was formed a couple of months ago by those of us unhappy with the drama that unfolded in the previous one. Having said that, as of this writing (8/15) the guild is level 5, so if that is a deterrent, we understand.

We do NOT tolerate drama and will boot anyone that starts it. we are all adults. We ACT like adults. drama is for high school, which we have all been out of for more than a decade. This includes spewing stupid in trade chat. In this guild you represent us, so no stupid in trade chat.

Current raid days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1am EST to ~3am EST. End time is flexible during new progression.

We will also accept players who aren’t interested in raiding as we do some pvp and between a few of us we have enough alts to always be running something.

We are currently recruiting any class/spec combo other than tanks as we are currently solid on tanking.

A few things we desire in recruits

- If you are applying to raid, be age 18 or over. for general membership no younger than 15.

- Know your class. If you don’t know your class, you have to be carried. We do NOT carry people.

- Be laid back. Know how to joke around and have a good time, but serious it up when it comes to raid time. Many of us are real life friends so our joking can sound cruel and unusual, but that’s just how we roll.

- When we raid, BE ON TIME. This is huge, as we like to run a tight schedule. My old high school football coach always used to tell us, "to be early is to be on time. to be on time is to be late. and to be late is to be forgotten". I live my life by this, so i expect recruits to honor it as well.

- During raid, no constant AFKs. we understand you may need to bio or deal with a kid, but nothing constant. regularly holding up the raid will upset a great many people especially if we only raid a couple of hours.

- Have a PC that can handle this game. If your rig chugs along at 10fps, respectably, please do not bother.

- Come to raid PREPARED. That means pots, chants, gems etc. We usually bring flasks and food and what not, but in case we don’t be ready with your own.

- Have a solid internet connection. If you d/c all the time, we will not take you to raids.

- Be ready to bang your head against new raid encounters

- Have Raidcall and a threat meter.

If interested, fill out an app on the "apply to guild" link on risenundermine.guildlaunch.com on the left under "Server Status". you can also get a hold of Justo, Mograss/Yularen/Ularen or Deztriana/Granitehide/Desecration.

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