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10/25 Man Recruiting - Gnomeregan - The Brothers

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The Brothers - US - Gnomeregan

1 Fire Mage
1 Kitty
1 Holy/Disc Priest
1 Enhance Shaman

Other Classes:
All EXCEPTIONAL players are also accepted.

*Hybrid classes: Experience and gear in one or more specs (particularly in dps or tanking) is a plus.
*All DPS applicants should be both knowledgeable and capable of playing any raiding viable spec their class offers.

Our raid times:
Our raid times vary depending on the raid group you are accepted into. However they do not vary by much. Certain groups raid certain days. Currently we have a couple different groups whom are raiding 10 mans, one group on Wednesday at 7pm server, and one on Thursday at 6pm server. Each raid group raids 2 times a week, and are working towards 25 man content.

Our loot system: Varies depending on the raid leader, however soon be converting to Old Style DKP.

About Us. We are a serious and focused guild when raiding and a friendly and mature guild when just having fun. This guild has been around since the start if WoLK and most of the members have been playing since pre-bc.

Our Expectations:
We are looking for experienced players that are prepared for the upcoming challenges of Cataclysm 4.1 and 4.2 content. Applicants should have raiding experience in all new content.

How do you apply: Whisper a GM or Officer in game for more information. Fill out our online application at www.thebrothers.guildlaunch.com. If you refuse to fill out an application, you will not be accepted. This at least shows some initiative wanting to get into the guild. Must be 21 years of age or older.

Who should you talk to: Zerodog, Westernfox, Immorai, Kaniption or Malayna.

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