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Gearing + Hello :)

Post#1 » Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:41 pm

Hello everyone, MilkyED = Tauren Druid named Milky from Emerald Dream.

Well i'm not too sure what anyone has to offer information wise. I recently hit level 80 with my Druid. I'm mainly a Pve kind of guy on a pvp realm who raids and heals. My dominant spec is restoration and i rock an average of 1400 dps balance up to 2k and Tank up to heroics in northrend.

Not too successful on the tank part yet in heroics. All non heroics are pretty easy.

Ive been healing heroics lately. Seems like gear is tough to find. I'm not too keen on addons or what is available in northrend. Atm i'm using a lot of level 78 gear from instances like Culling of Stratholme, Halls of Lightning , Utgarde Pinnacle , and Crafted Gear. My accumulated Spell Power in Tree of Life form is 1300 / 600 unbuffed mp5.

What i'm curious about, where's a good place to start earning good gear? Which heroics arent so tough i cant heal ? Right now when i run with a good tank we can go an average of 2-3 pulls before i have to drink up. When i run into average tanks i'm drinking after every single pull.

I dont know the difficulty of heroics yet. I got brought into some tough battles so far. I went to Heroic Violet Hold, my goodness is the Voidwalker hard to heal. That guy kicked our butts 2 times before we stopped that run. I was a healing machine. I kept going oom around 10 % of the voids health. He was shadowbolting like MAD . I was spamming Wild Growth and Tranquility. Although his 2-3k shadow bolts were just too much to ae heal through. Innervate / Potting didnt solve the problem.

Afterwards later in the evening my bud asked me to step into heroic Halls of Lightning. Last boss the Loken mean booger. We wiped on this boss about 15 times. The best we could do again was about 10 % we're having a hard time pushing that last hump.

The last percents. We have dead dps and it's usually down to the tank and i. Most of the time it's because i'm oom, completely drained from healing. To give you an idea. During that fight i had over 300 mp5 while casting. well over. Had 2 pally buffs / inscription so i used the highest spirit scroll and so on. I healed everyone through the ae but wow we got gimped.

What i'm looking for is better gear / advice on which heroics i should start in for badging , not too hard but not terribly easy / something that is accomplishable and fun.

Several guildmates are rocking 10 man content atm. Few of our guildies are getting geared so things should be a little easier. For me i'm working hard so i can keep my guys alive. Any advice is appreciated and taken well :)

{{ feral }}
If there are any Feral Druids floating around, please feel free to give me advice on gear. I cant find anything past Leather w/ Agility & Stamina . All my tanking gear looks like rogue dps gear , is that normal? is there dedicated feral tanking gear? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weapon of Choice atm is a Staff from a instance in Zul'drak, It's like 100 + stamina and 67 agility. or close to there. Little better than the reward one from killing that seal like 3 man in zul drak.

!!! Thank you !!! :thumbsup: :yahoo:

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