Help needed with Blizzard Maps Fan Project

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Help needed with Blizzard Maps Fan Project

Post#1 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:15 am

Hey there,

I hope posting an url to a non-profit website is allowed, I didn't find any rule saying it is not, so here it is:

I would LOVE to have some Testers and some Feedback for the site in general, since this is a private project and just for fun.

A quick overview:
- BNet Faces is a Map where players of (almost all) Blizzard Games can upload a picture and set themselves to a spot on the map, to get to know who else is playing around him
- It is based on the idea of those many wow-faces oder sc2-faces website, but more advanced with the focus on the location rather than the picture
- Users can be searched by there (real) name, if shown or by zip code or city. More options under dev.
- Many infos given (again, if shown), to get everything you need to meet someone in the respective game
- A nice Rating Script, to see who's worth viewing

- Pull some infos about WoW Chars from Armory (waiting for API 2.0)
- So much more... (+your suggestions)

I'd really like some (honest) feedback, hope you can help me out. Feel free to spread the links among your friends.

Thnak you and cheers

Torsten aka Geesha/Puzzles

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