<Devils of the Alliance> is recruiting

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<Devils of the Alliance> is recruiting

Post#1 » Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:09 am

Devils of the alliance is a large, friendly guild with a laid back atmosphere in our off times, and a hardcore mentality in the raids. We are currently 8/12 in 10s, and in one run 3/12 in 25s.

Devils has immediate openings for well-geared, experienced, mature healers who are accustomed to the changes brought about by the Cataclysm expansion. We are also seeking exceptional ranged DPS who know their class mechanics and have phenominal raid awareness. Said players should expect to be available most raid nights; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 6pm to 9:30pm Server time. We also have a weekday raiding group, that runs from Wednesday to Friday, with raids starting at 7pm.We occassionally go over, if a boss kill is close.

Both groups have a very solid core, and are only missing the last few pieces to complete the set. We anticipate swift completion of all normal raid content, and will be pushing into progression of hardmodes in 10s, with normals in 25s becoming more of a priority for mass gearing. Each raid group is also soon to spawn off a second 10 man, and once we have the players will be pushing out 25s at both time slots as well.

While our current needs are strictly healers and ranged DPS, Devils is always on the lookout for high caliber players of any class. We are currently accepting applications for our up and coming second 10s, as well as 25s.
Any interested parties should contact Thundér (Alt + 130) or Nazzarus in game. Expect to fill out an application on our website @ http://devilsotalliance.wowstead.com .

Good luck in your search for a guild, and we hope to be speaking with you soon.

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