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[Video] GAMETV :) Hey everyone !

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:36 pm
by Passepartout
Hello, everyone, i am Passepartout, webmaster of GAMETV and i would like to introduce you our plateforme video.

Who we are ?
We exist now since 2005 and we host movie with HD conversion. We participate in the development of moviemaker like Jack or Necka. Since this time we have broadcast more than 8 000 000 of played movie ! Huge ! But actually we want to expand our website for an Internationnal target :)

Something to know about us, we are not compagny and sincerely, we are volunteers, we are simply passionate about what we provide and what we do!

So, Our website broadcast HD movie for Free and have Embed code !
Our limite is 2000mb per movie (enough to put what you want !) and 150minutes !

If you are interested about our website, i invite you to see, check and register on it :)
We need you to spread the word ! if you like it spread our link !


Thanks you alot !