2day 9/12 HM 25 Recruiting

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2day 9/12 HM 25 Recruiting

Post#1 » Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:35 pm

Guild Name: Thats a Negative
Server: Black Dragonflight
Time Zone: Eastern
Faction: Horde
ICC10: 11/12 HM(Drakes)
ICC25: 9/12 HM
Schedule:Tue-Wed 8-11:30pm Server

This is an all adult guild that is full of active players. The guild runs ICC 25 on the
schedule listed above and generally 2 ICC10s later in the week for HM + Achieves.

There are also runs for Titles and Mounts and even Retro Loot. The people that we
are looking to recruit are people who play too much. Who feel like their not getting
what they want out of the game in their current situation and have the experience
to progress in a HM environment.

However, we are not looking for players who are middle of the road casuals who
have mediocre gear and hardly any achieves. If you didnt play alot in the guild you
were in we know you arent intending to do so in our guild.

This is an opportunity to get yourself into a guild that is very solid and full of
players that are not all fails. So if your tired of logging on and having
nothing to do and playing with people who have no idea what they want to do .....

Apply to : http://www.thatsanegative.guildomatic.com

Once your application is recieved it generally takes 1 day to be contacted back and when
you are accepted or refused you will recieve an e-mail stating clearly the decision.

There is always a vent interview that goes along with being accepted. Feel free to
look over the website so that you have questions to ask back if you are selected.


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