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Raid changes

Post#1 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:47 am

I was just wondering if blizzard actually ever read any of the forums when deciding on what to change.
I am not seeing the benefit to the raid changes besides making programming easier for them.
1. 10 /25 are now under same lock out.
So those that are in a guild and do 10/25 content in one week and are still bored come friday or saturday are taking care of. problem solved lets take one raid away and lets make the difficulty the same. :shock:

personally all 3 of my 80s are geared to the point where i do my daily random and then avoid all dungeons like the plague. no i dont have naxx or uldar achievements due to the fact i can gear with out ever stepping foot in there or toc 10 for that matter. so in essence i am going from six raids down to 3. by sat or Sunday besides dailies my toons are done for the week now as it is.

I do like the fact that u will be locked to the boss not the raid so fail groups can be recovered from but so far raid wise that is the only change worth it. im not paying for there jobs as programmers to get easier. but who knows maybe when enough ppl get bored half way thru the week and start checking out competitors they will start reading forums and see what the consumers (i.e there pay checks or cash cow )thinks when they bring up certain ideas

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