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I just joined this site today and have not been on WoW since I joined so this may be a non-issue.

I guess I logged out in my Protection Spec last night with my DPS gear on and I am trying to check my Gear Score and stats for my Arms Tree.

When I go over to my Arms Tree it is pulling gear that I no longer have. Will this update when I log back in and switch back to Arms Tree? I also have Tank gear that i use while in Prot tree, will that automatically update?

I apologize if this is in the wrong forums.
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If you want to update your dual spec/gear you need to :
- log off from the game in your second spec/gear
- wait for Blizz armory to update that spec /gear
- use "live" button at wow-heroes character page to update those changes

Since your current gear is mixed out you will have to repeat this process 2 times.
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